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  5. "Вчера был ещё май."

"Вчера был ещё май."

Translation:Yesterday it was still May.

November 12, 2015



why is it был and not было?

[deactivated user]

    Because month names are masculine, so they require a masculine verb «бы́л». If you translated the sentence literally, you'd get: 'Yesterday, May still was.'

    If you had a neuter noun, you would use «бы́ло»:

    • Вчера́ ещё бы́ло ле́то. Yesterday it was still summer.

    Also, «бы́ло» is used with adverbs that donʼt align their gender with nouns:

    • Вчера́ ещё бы́ло тепло́. Yesterday it was still warm.
    • В про́шлом году́ ещё бы́ло мо́жно по́есть на э́ти де́ньги. Last year, it was still possible to eat out for such money.

    If you had a feminine noun, you would use «была́»:

    • Позавчера́ ещё была́ зима́. The day before yesterday it was still winter.
    • Позапозавчера́ ещё была́ о́сень. The day before the day before yesterday it was still autumn. (Позапозавчера́ is a quite colloquial word, but I find it funny.)
    • Три дня́ наза́д ещё была́ весна́. Three days ago it was still spring.


    is был the only verb that agrees with gender?

    [deactivated user]

      No. All verbs agree with gender in the past tense:

      • Я ви́дела тебя́ у́тром. I(female) saw you [this] morning.
      • Что ты́ де́лал? What were you(male) doing?

      Был is a past tense verb form of «быть», so it agrees with the gender.


      By утром you mean in the morning, right?

      [deactivated user]

        Oh!! Yes, thanks. I'll fix my message. (Upd: fixed it.)


        Does the word order matter here? All the Duolingo examples use the order "Вчера был ещё..." All your examples use the order "...ещё бы́ло/была́..."


        Май мужского рода


        What case is "Май" here?

        [deactivated user]

          Nominative. In Russian, it's the subject of the sentence.


          Is the л in был ещё pronounced ль?


          I said many instead of may ugh


          Правильнее будет: «Ещё вчера был май»


          Sounds like a whistful film title.


          When the word for May was intriduced it was мае now it's май. Why?


          Мае is prepositional case (в мае : in May). Here Май is nominative.

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