"Это хорошая экскурсия."

Translation:This is a good tour.

November 13, 2015

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экскурсия sounds like excursion! Hmmm.

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    Both the English and the Russian words are borrowed from the same Latin word. You'll often see -ия where English has -ion (e.g. информа́ция 'information'), that's because Latin -io is borrowed as -ion in English and as -ия in Russian.


    So is "excursion" accepted here?


    I think this is something that influenced modern hebrew as well. We also say informazzia אינפורמציה, television is televizya טלוויזיה and so on.

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      https://www.etymonline.com/word/excursion And in both English and Russian the word seems to have lost its original meaning. When I use excursion I mean an extended (length-wise not really time wise) journey.


      It actually accepts "excursion" as a valid answer! So easy to remember


      It also sounds like "excursion" in Spanish,in my country is mostly used for school trips or trips organized by a church or your workplace :)


      What's wrong with "it is a good trip" ?


      Екскурсия is more of like an educational trip or a tour, whereas the English word "trip" is a broader term that could mean a field trip or a vacation or a road trip, etc.


      Please add "trip" as an option for translation.


      Maybe the English equivalent would be a "field trip".


      Why not "This tour is good."


      In slovenian, word ''ekskurzija'' means ''a school trip'' or ''an educational trip''. Is it the same in Russian, or can it mean any kind of trip?

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        Yes, it usually means an educational trip.


        why is "this tour is good" wrong?


        Isn't "trip" fine as well?


        "Field trip", like a school outing, yes. But "trip" by itself is broader in meaning (it cam be a full vacation or business travel) than экскурсия.


        No, trip is literally a word for a holiday travel. We're going on a trip is equivalent to we are going on a tour. You can say "trip to the shop" to mean the travel to the shop but you can also say "we toured all the supermarkets in the area", these words are commonly used interchangeably. I don't think I ever used the word 'tour' to mean going sightseeing, only in the connotation of a "tour guide" at a museum (person or book) or when reading a travel brochure where they offer guided tours on camels or ones away from your location. Excursion is closer to a trip in meaning so someone messed up bad with translations. Excursion is a short outing, and a trip can be to a museum or a shop while a tour tends to be something specific, longer in time or distance.


        I swear the first time it corrected me to "this tour is good" and this time I put that and it rejected it. >.>


        "Эта хорошая экскурсия", Why is this sentence wrong? Why is "это" the answer?


        @MinTakaoka - Это means "this is X" or "it is X", it is a generic word that doesn't decline.

        "Эта хорошая экскурсия" means "This good tour", which requires more expansion to be a complete sentence ("This good tour costs too much" - "Эта хорошая экскурсия стоит слишком много", for instance).


        ohhhhhhhh... I got it. Thanks a lot


        Why is "this" not accepted?


        This excursion is good?


        Actually no, because then это would have to be in the feminine form to fit the noun


        This is a great tour wasn't accepted, made sense to me but is there a reason it was wrong?


        Хорошая is really just "good", "great" might be Отличная или замечательная for example.


        Большое спасибо!


        That was a good tour?


        This sentence is in present tense. "That was a good tour" = Это было хорошая экскурсия.


        Why great instade of good is not accepted?


        Great can be отличный or замечательный. Great is just better than good.

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          "This is a good excursion" is accepted. Does not really sound like something we would say in English too much. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/excursion gives the primary meaning as an expedition. I always took excursion to mean a a bit of extended journey.


          This sounds as skurziya, or should I also pronounce the first part that should sound as sks-kursiya


          It should sound like EKSkursiya (emphasis is only there to demonstrate pronunciation of the first syllable; actual syllabic stress is eks-KUR-si-ya). The intonation on the khoroshaya is weird which is trippin' things up in the third word... Also in reality if you were just speaking casually you probably would just gloss over the "-ya" in khoroshaya anyway.


          Это хороший тур.


          How come "This tour is good" is not accepted? Woukd this have different meaning?


          When "tour" is the subject of the sentence, in English it doesn't really make a difference. "This tour is good" and "this is a good tour" essentially mean the same thing (though I could see the second one serving as sort of emphasis on "good", meaning... it's even better than good, or it surpassed the person's expectations. That would only be detectable when spoken with certain intonation though, written and without context they're basically the same.).

          HOWEVER, in Russian, it would be different grammatically - Эта эксурсия хорошая - THIS TOUR is good; это хорошая эксурсия - THIS is a good tour.

          It's the difference between "THIS THING" and "THIS is a thing", if that makes sense.


          Would it is a good tour be accepted? Technically это is more it is, sbd we coukd be saying it is or this is, depending on the context.


          Why not "this tour is good"


          @Alecks210 - "This tour is good" = Эта экскурсия хорошая.


          “This is a good trip” not accepted ( so far DL had no problem with the word “trip” for “экскурсия”, what has happened?)


          "This is a good trip"?


          hey, anyone can tell me if "this tour is good" would be correct? duolingo's not helping me here lol


          Why 'good' and not 'nice'?


          It’s simple, it’s because хорошая/хороший means good not “nice”.


          "This is a nice trip." wasn't accepted. Does anyone know why?


          The sentence doesn’t say nice but good.
          If you fight zombies all day you can say:
          It was a good day. I have survived.
          But you rather wouldn’t say that it was a nice day.
          Also I’m not sure if using the word trip is the best translation, but I personally would definitely accept trip as a correct translation.
          The good thing is that your translation would be absolutely understandable by anyone because we were not given a context here.

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