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"Our leader does not want peace."

Translation:Liderimiz barış istemiyor.

November 13, 2015



What is the difference between Barış and huzur?


Barış means political stability, a state of no war between countries or belligerent parties. Yet Huzur means inner peace, spiritual satisfaction.


Barış means no war, huzur is the other kind of peace, like tranquility.


Doesn't barış need the accusatıve ending:


This is a general direct object. The leader doesn't want peace in general (vs. peace between two specif countries)


"Peace at home, peace in the world."


Whats wrong with biz liderimiz?


it literally means (we our leader) Assuming you wanted to write 'Our Leader' You should have used the Possessive Plural first person pronoun' Bizim'. So Bizim liderimiz is ok but just saying Liderimiz is enough. Hope that helps. Padişahım Çok yaşa!


Thank you duolingo for being a fun way in learning languages. I would like though to share with you my concren about me thinking twice before recommending your platform to others especially my kids! This is a languages teachinng platform and it targets all kind of people, isn't it? I expect that you will stick to that and respect all of your users believes including political, ideological, ethical and ethnical believes. Also the english translation sometimes has terrible mistakes, you should take care of that too. Tekrar teşekkür ederim!


What kind of ideological side did you find in this sentence? I do not understand.


I think a lot of students around the world learning all sorts of languages would feel the need to use this phrase!!!

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