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  5. "Это вещь её брата."

"Это вещь её брата."

Translation:It is her brother's thing.

November 13, 2015



How would you say "this thing IS her brother."

[deactivated user]

    «Э́та ве́щь — её брат» or «Э́та ве́щь — э́то её брат». However, it would be very strange to call someone's bother 'a thing'. It's dehumanizing so it could theoretically be used as an insult, but it doesn't really sound as an insult. It just sounds weird.


    Right. Not that I want to say that, just trying to understand the grammar. :-)


    I typed "Эта вещь - её брата". Hearing the difference between "Эта" and "Это" is no small feat :P

    I imagined that the sentence I proposed made sense, meaning "This thing is her brother's" / "This thing is of her brother" / "This thing is owned by her brother".

    If that is not the case, how would one express such idea?


    I think, you are right. Эта вещь её брата - This thing is her brother's . Эта - This word is a demonstrative pronoun.


    I wrote, "This is a thing of her brother." That is a correct and grammatical English translation, though it may not be idiomatic. Yet it was marked wrong.

    [deactivated user]

      I believe this should be accepted. Please use the report button next time you get this.

      All the entries are entered manually, so the course contributors might not think of all the possible variants. In fact, this is expected to happen. That's why the courses have a beta period to find and fix such issues.


      Why "её брата" and not "её брат"?

      [deactivated user]

        «Бра́та» is the Genitive case, it roughly corresponds to the English 'of brother' or 'brother's'. «Бра́т» is the nominative case.

        «Эта вещь — её брат» would mean 'this thing is her brother'. You wouldn't unsually say this, unless a witch made her brother a statue or something.


        Ah, so we use the genitive case to mean "her brother's". Right?

        [deactivated user]


          "This thing belongs to her brother" is right too. I'm native speaker!

          [deactivated user]

            Дуолинго ожидает, что вы будете переводить предложения грамматически близкими предложениями там, где это возможно. «This thing belongs to her brother» было бы переведено «Эта вещь принадлежит её брату».


            Хм, тогда понятно. Неужели во всех языках можно найти аналогии с английским?

            [deactivated user]

              Не во всех, конечно. Когда однозначного соответствия нет, я так понимаю, авторы стараются добавить как можно больше вариантов. Но варианты добавляются вручную и все не предусмотришь, так что постоянно что-нибудь не принимается... Особенно плохо с этим в украинском курсе.


              can you explain why "This thing belongs to her brother" doesn't work here?

              [deactivated user]

                Because Duolingo insists on grammatically similar translations, where possible:

                • Это вещь её брата = It is her brother's thing.
                • Эта вещь её брата = This thing is her brother's.
                • Эта вещь принадлежит её брату = This thing belongs to her brother.


                It is her brother's should be accepted too :-(


                Where did вещь came from?

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