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  5. "Das ist privat."

"Das ist privat."

Translation:This is private.

November 24, 2013



I thought that Vs in German are pronounced as the English F. Is it I who is wrong or is the audio wrong?


I think they are pronounced as "V" in words borrowed from other languages (e.g: privat, from Latin).


I think this might be an exception.


"V" can sound like the "v" in private and like the "f" in father


what about the rank "private"?


"Private" (rank) is often translated to "Gefreiter" which is not the correct translation.

The "Private" is equivalent to the lowest ranks e.g. "Sch├╝tze" and "Kanonier" in the army, "der Flieger" in the air force and "Matrose" in the navy.

"Gefreiter" is equivalent to the "private first class" (PFC) in the US. and the "lance corporal" in the UK.

In the NATO armed forces, the translation problem is more complex. The US Army and Canadian Forces each know two private ranks, which distinguish between the untrained recruit (USA: Private E-1; Canada: Private Recruit) and the graduate of basic military training (USA: Private E-2; Canada: Private Basic). The Private E-2 and Private Basic are very close to (Swiss, Austrian and) German "Gefreiter". In the Bundeswehr "der Gefreite" has more rights and duties, though. In the NATO they are - because of their similarity - treated as "Privates" and also receive the "Private" OR-2 grade.


Das ist privat means both that and this?? Surely Dies(es) ist privat would be this is private?


In German, we don't distinguish much between "this" and "that". At least that's what I always tell myself when I get them wrong in English :)


"Das ist [x]." can mean both "That is [x]" and "This is [x]". It is not specific.


But "Das ist privat" can also be translated as "It's private", but this option doesn't show up in this case and I lost points of experience :(. Should I report the missing option, or what?


No, "it is private" would be "es ist privat"


but, how do you say "this is a personal matter"?


Das ist eine pers├Ânliche Angelegenheit

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