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  5. "Ты выбрал эту книгу."

"Ты выбрал эту книгу."

Translation:You chose this book.

November 13, 2015



вы is like a prefix?


Вы- as a prefix has the meaning of "out, out from" (Выйти из комнаты - come out of the room; Выделить подгруппу - designate a subgroup) and also completion (Выкурить - smoke [like a cigarette] to the end; Вычислить - calculate/compute). Here the verb it is going to is брать, which means to take; with the вы- prefix it basically means chose; there were many books in the library, but you chose (selected this one "out"): было много книг в библиотеке, а ты выбрал эту.


"Вы" is "you"

"Вы" is used in polite requests to an interlocutor or with strangers.

"Ты" is used in conversations between friends, relatives


Oh, that I know lol, what I meant is, in выиграл... is it a suffix or simply the word happens to have it on it without being related or it being a suffix?


It is just another word than "брал".

"Выбрал" is a past tense of a verb "выбирать" - "to choose". This verb comes from a noun "выбор" - "a choice".

Делай свой выбор - выбирай ---> Make your choice - choose

"Брал" (/"взял") is a past tense of a noun "брать" / "взять" - "to take"


yes вы acts as a prefix here to make a prefective verb form. There are many examples as such.


The start of the phrase (at normal speed) just sounds like a mess - is it accurate??


Why do we use "ты(nominative)" with выбрал in this sentence, while we used "мне(dative)" with the same verb in the previous sentence?


I don't know what the other sentence was. In this sentence, the translation is "You chose this book". Ты (nominative subject) выбрал (verb conjugated for the subject) эту книгу (accusative object of the verb, indicating that it is what was chosen).

If the other sentence has an indirect object (dative case), then it means that the thing was chosen for that object. For instance, Ты выбрал мне эту книгу - You chose this book (for me).


The sentence was 'Что мне выбрал'


that would be "what was chosen/selected for me?", would it not?


...so no complaining out of you this month about book club!


You picked or you chose!


still not fixed :(


Why is the feminine past treated like a typo? It should just accept it.


It helps to know exactly what you type, just in case there is a grammar error or something.


is the tone on the last letter raised like in the computer voice?


The correct form of English verb is choose, not chose.


@Robert171053 - "Choose" is the infinitive, the imperative ("Choose now!") and the simple present ("You always choose where we go on vacation.")

Here, we need the past tense version, which does have one O (chose), as the Russian is past tense.


Ok I have to admit my fault


Again the problem chose- choose

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