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  5. "Вот ваше какао."

"Вот ваше какао."

Translation:Here is your cocoa.

November 13, 2015



Is the e ending on ваше due to cocoa being neuter?


Cool. I think I might be starting to get this...


In English "cocoa" (какао) and "chocolate" (шоколад) are in principle quite distinct but in practice extremely close and often interchangeable. This is somewhat context dependent, though in this case the sentence is so simple that little context is available. One might consider both chocolate and cocoa as acceptable translations. Just a thought :)


But wouldn't you call the drink "hot chocolate" then?


I've heard a Russian once calling an instant mixing milk/chocolate cold drink as какао... So, not sure if it works only with hot chocolate...


We use "какао" only for chocolate-like drinks. Solid chocolate is never called "какао".


I asked for hot chocolate in a cafe in Russia once. I actually literally got hot chocolate, not milk with chocolate powder. They melted some chocolate and put it into a cup. So yeah, don't ask for hot chocolate, but for kakao


BTW, technically speaking, shouldn't "какао" or "cocoa" only mean the fruit instead of the processed thing?


The word cocoa by itself can mean the drink hot cocoa, or pretty much anything derived from cocoa beans (cocoa powder, cocoa butter, etc). The word chocolate usually only refers to the solid food and hot chocolate means the drink.

BTW, also in English we occasionally use cacao instead of cocoa, e.g. the nibs are commonly called cacao nibs though cocoa nibs is also used.

I hadn't realized that какао was used only for drinks, since in English it can mean so many things. In that case, chocolate is NOT an acceptable answer, though probably hot chocolate should be. :)


You mean cocoa seeds. Cocoa is a fruit.


Bad pronunciation of "какао". Sounds like "какая"


In English, cacao is the fruit. Cocoa is the product made from it. Chocolate is made of cocoa.


Thank you. That was exactly my question. ☺


Who E A T S cocoa??


Why is it ваше and not твоё?


I wonder the same thing? In google translate it gives the same result.


Both are correct. Vashi is when you are speaking to a group of people like a waitress serving water to a table full of people, they usually say "here is your water" but you can also say here is your water to just one person.

Твоё - singular

Baше - plural

Note: Ваше can also be used with a single person whom you don't know well and/ or show respect. This version is formal.


"Your cocoa is here" should be accepted?


Вот ваше какао means someone is presenting/handing/giving you your cocoa. Ваше какао здесь or "your cocoa is here" means someone is telling you that your cocoa is near them.


I'm confused. If "cocoa" is "какао", then what is "cacao"?

According to Google Translate, it is "какао". Should this be accepted here?


Is it "cacoa" or "cacao"?


It sounds like the male is saying какай and not какао..


I hear an "e" or a "i" at the end of какао...do i listen correctly?

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