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Ik ben zo blij, zo blij ben ik. :) Finished my Dutch tree!

Zo blij vandaag! Nog ken ik niet Nederlands zoveel, maar ik heb geen zorgen. :) I don't even know if that sentence made much sense, haha.

I don't have much to say other than, to the Dutch team, dank u wel! It was fun, especially NL 2! Dat was leuk.

Now I'm planning on working to keep my tree gold and maybe work on finishing the English tree for Dutch speakers! I sped through the tree a bit because I can just relax more after I've finished a task, and as of today I'm done!

For anyone who is curious, I can now understand the gist of most news articles. My writing and speaking skills are still quite poor, haha, but that's just because of a lack of practice! I've been chatting with my boyfriend in Dutch, and I'll be doing this more as I learn more. :)

To everyone still working on the tree--veel succes!

November 13, 2015



I would say congratulations in Dutch, but I don't know what it is sooo... Вітаю!


It's "Gefeliciteerd" .. sounds like a mix of dutch "ge" with spanish "felicitar". love it!

Dus, gefeliciteerd Lelieblad!! één boom gedaan.. boom 2.0 binnenkort op de weg :D

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Yay, gefeliciteerd! :D




Gefeliciteerd! Glad to see you've conquered the tree. :) Veel succes met jouw toekomstige studies :)


Dank jullie wel! :)

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