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  5. "Gutten spiser ris."

"Gutten spiser ris."

Translation:The boy is eating rice.

November 13, 2015



How would you differentiate from "the boy is eating rice" as in he's eating rice right now vs. "The boy eats rice" as in the boy generally has a practice of eating rice.


How is the "lad" correct ?


lad is an informal word for boy

[deactivated user]

    Does "spiser" become "is eating" when there is a subject just before it?


    No, that's irrelevant. Norwegian only has on present tense, which covers both the simple present and the present continuous in English, so as long as the context allows for it "spiser" can be translated to either "eats/eat" or "is/are eating".


    So when speaking you can distinguish them only according to the context then? like using time clauses or something??? I'm sorry I'm a native spanish speaker and I find it so hard to imagine it^^


    I pressed rice and it didn't work and said i got it wrong


    Why didnt it work when i wrote the boy eats Rice?

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