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  5. "У тебя есть карандаш?"

"У тебя есть карандаш?"

Translation:Do you have a pencil?

November 13, 2015



Funny word for pencil. I used to have colored pencils from a brand "caran d'ache" when I was little. :-)


The company was named after a political cartoonist who took his name from the Russian word for pencil.


Historically, "карандаш" is a word from the Turkic languages. It means "black stone".


What if it's a colored pencil?


It is still карандаш because the meaning of the origin of the word is not the same thing as it's current meaning.


That is some remote trivia. Kudos.


why isn't pencil generative here?


It was the negation, нет, in the previous examples making the object take the genitive case. У меня/тебя + Nominative, but У меня/тебя нет + Genitive.


In this construction, the one doing the possessing is put in the genitive case while the one being possessed is put in the nominative.


I think it's because "pencil" is actually the subject of the sentence, but seems like the object because it is in passive voice in English: Literally, "By you is there a pencil?", which is "A pencil is by you?"

That's the only thing that makes sense to me, because all of the sentences in this format so far have had the thing "possessed" in the Nominative case.


Is it ok to say "Нет, у меня нет карандаша"?


Да. But this is not what the sentence was asking for.


Is "карандаш" the only word for pencil? I've never heard it before.


Pretty much. Cannot think of anything else.


I can't think of another English word for "Pencil", either.


ok, thank you :)


Couldn't it be "the pencil"?


No, in Russian question means "any pencil", not "the pencil".


But even "any pencil" was counted wrong!


I really wish this thing was better at recognizing typos. Accidentally wrote "do yo" instead of "do you" and it didnt even mark it correct witha typo it straight up gave me incorrect saying I used a completely wrong word


I used So instead of Do... They are really close on the keyboard but it gave me incorrect too


I think yes... Sometimes I say that and nobody corrects me. I guess it is common that Russians use Нет instead of есть... If not, u may correct me... I'm no Russian, but I have Russian in my blood pretty much.


Can Карандаш also mean crayon?


Probably not. I've never seen a crayon but pictures on Google do not look much like a pencil.


They are nothing alike, except they're both make marks on paper in the same general way. Structurally shaped more-or-less the same, but after that, no.


I do believe so. There is no direct translation for it. Perhaps they are not as common? I found pastel and colored pencil, neither of which are a crayon but are as close as you're going to get. Пастéль and цветнóй карандáш, respectively.


if I wanted to say "Don't you have a pencil?" would it be: У тебя нет карандаш?


It is «Разве у тебя нет карандаша?» Remember that negative questions are used in Russian for politeness when asking for information ("Do you happen to know...?") or for an object ("Maybe you have .... ?") If you are suprised that something is the case, even though you thought it wasn't, разве is used.


I wrote "U tebya est karandash" and it marked it as wrong. Is that because I left out the apostrophe thing? Or is there something else I'm missing? I know I should probably be using the Russian alphabet, but I don't have it memorized.


What's wrong with this?

U tebya est karandash


The exercise I did had me translating into English.

It's difficult to say if there is something wrong with your Russian sentence, since it's not in Russian. You should consider a change to a Russian keyboard, either physical or virtual. With Windows, it's easy to do. I think it's also easy with Apple products. What kind of device do you use to do Duo?


why do we use the genitive with the negation?


Surely a pencil is also a pen


If John Wick says this, its about to go down

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