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Problem with timed practice

I noticed recently that my scores on timed practice seemed to be quite low, given the fact I was answering all 20 questions and wasn't getting that many wrong - today I made sure to do a timed practice without making any mistakes, however I only got 19 points, and when I review the lesson, one of the questions which I definitely answered correctly is marked wrong. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

November 13, 2015



The same thing happened to me on a multiple choice question. I was correct, but noticed at the end that I only had 19 points. I checked the review and it claimed that I selected all of the options on that question. Very strange!


Some folks have been complaining about the multiple choice questions not counting.


Yes, it's unfortunately a known and reported problem at least (both known and reported) since beginning of September 2015.

I suggest you report the problem to Duo: the more reports the more chance the bug will be placed on the top of Duo's to-do list.


This is happening all over the place, so it seems to be a bug in duolingo's current version.


There seems to be a global problem with the multiple choice questions right now. Was the one that was marked wrong multiple choice?


This bug has been around for too long :(


Bug's still here

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