"Bu kitabı okuman lazım değil."

Translation:It is not necessary that you read this book.

November 13, 2015

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It is not used such a phrase in Turkish. "Bu kitabı okuman gerekmez" is a more accurate phrase.


Can we also say 'gerek yok' or is 'gerekmez' more accurate?


I cannot comment on the usage dispute between native speakers, but I can note for you that these are two different parts of speech (so that if you use them, you'll at least be using them correctly!).

Gerek is a noun, meaning need/necessity -- so the negative would be "gerek değil" (not yok).

Gerekmez comes from the verb "gerekmek" -- in the aorist negative.


I hear people say "gerek yok" a lot in Turkey. Basically all of these are possible to my knowledge:

gerek yok / gerekli değil / lazım değil / gerekmez

But while they have the same basic meaning, I'm sure there are times where one is more appropriate. That much, I sadly do not know. :/


Both are fine and accepted.


Both are not fine Alex. Only, "gerekmez" is fine.


bu kitabı okuman gerekli değil. this other mean is a ; okumasan da olur :)


What indicates, that it is'you' in this sentence?the 'okuman'?


Yes; specifically, the -N ending on "okuman".

okuma = the (act of) reading; okuman = your (act of) reading.

"Your reading this book is not necessary" would be a more literal translation of this sentence.


"its not needed that you read this book" should that be wrong? As it was marked


I don't think that is grammatical in English. It is definitely understandable, but it sounds a tad weird. As to why...I am not sure :D


language is strange that way, some things just feel right x) but since i'm not a native speaker then you're probably correct,. would be interesting if more natives chimed in though: P


Sounds like a teacher to a small child that might not understand but yes "weird" to say needed


Like @Alex, I cannot grammatically explain why, but "it is not needed that you..." is definitely not right. My best syntax idea is that something can be necessary or not necessary -- that is a factual assessment. But in order to be "needed" someone has to be doing the needing. So you could say "I do not need you to..." -- but the need cannot be attributed to the anonymous/personless "it."

If you used this phrasing in English, you would eventually be understood, but everyone would be confused for a minute or two.


can we write need to necessary ?


You can use need if you say "You do not need to..."

You cannot say "It is not need that..."


How would you say: you must not read this book?


Bu kitabı okumamalısın.


It is not necessary to read this book .... why this is wrong ?


The "you" is missing (the -N of "okuman").


"Bu kitabı okuman lazım değil." Translation: It is not necessary that you read this book.


You do not need to read this book.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


Im learning Turkish not English so why have i been marked incorrect for a spelling mistake in English


The robot that evaluates the answers lets some mistakes pass, but not others. It is important to write correctly in both languages, so that the robot can tell if you understand how the words and concepts are related between the two languages.

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