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  5. "I know how to write."

"I know how to write."

Translation:Я умею писать.

November 13, 2015



Someone had to write this:
Please, don't confuse this with пи́сать (to piss)


писа́ть = to write пи́сать = to pee

these are very easy to confuse since only the accent is different, and the spelling is different.

(True Story) An American boy was trying to cheer a Russian girl up who was morning over a break-up. He meant to say "I will WRITE to you from America." He confused these two words and the Russians could stop laughing. I'm not sure if this would be considered a failure or success, but needless to say He was very embarrassed, and for at least a moment she forgot about the break-up.



you meant "...and the spelling is the same"

[deactivated user]

    same spelling different stress? писать can be both... writing... but not talking, right?


    Important tip, especially for polish people. To write is "pisać" in Polish, with the first syllabe accented, which may be confusing :)


    one question: would я знаю как писать be wrong?


    It is right, but has a bit different meaning. And you have to put a comma before как.

    [deactivated user]

      what is that "bit different" meaning? thanks :-)


      "уметь" and "знать, как" are both "to know how to" in English, but the latter only means having knowledge. Я знаю, как писать, но никогда не пробовал делать это - I know how to write, but I never tried to do it. Here "to know how" can mean "to be told" or "to have read about". Уметь presupposes that you did that thing, and most probably not once.


      I believe it is similar to my mother language (czech), at least the words sounds the same. But then I'd translate "уметь" as "I can" and "знать, как" as "i know how". Could a native russian speaker confirm or deny that?


      Ты уверен насчёт запятой, или это интуиция? Я попыталась найти правило, но не вышло.


      Я уверен. Правило быстро нагуглить не смог, но в книгах всегда видел запятую в подобных случаях.


      right, thanks!


      "я знаю, как писать" - why doesn't it work?


      я знаю как писать должно быть также правильным ответом. Так на всякий пожарный.


      Я знаю, как писать!


      I feel like there should be a как or a како in this sentence. Can someone help me understand please why it is not needed?


      Can I write "Я умею написать"?


      This should be “ I can write”


      I know how to pee as well


      Pls survey this correct answer , I am not sure it be correct , in the sentenses russian where is the verb know, we can not see it , I think it is not true.


      Are there any grammatical laws that dictate when a pronoun can be omitted? I have seen numerous answers being correct without a personal pronoun but 《Умею писать》is marked wrong. Any insights?


      Good luck to write Я умею писать. when duolingo provides no russian keyboard.


      They are available in both android and apple. Do a bit of digging in your settings or google if you must.

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