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"In the South it is warm, and in the North it is cold."

Translation:На юге тепло, а на севере - холодно.

November 13, 2015



I used 'и' for the word "and", but the correct answer said it was 'а' ---- so what is the difference? I really thought we'd been told that 'и' meant "and"?


You may have found your answer by now, given the age of your comment, but а introduces a second clause which contrasts the first. (Which, by the way, did not make me happy when I got this sentence to translate from Russian to English, used "but" instead of "and", and was marked wrong.)


Ok, so that would make sense if "a" was introducing a contrasting clause and the translation was "but". However I still have not found anything showing that "и" does anything but introduce a secondary clause - typically translated as "and"


Right - и is exclusively "and". This and that. Mom and Dad. Apple pie and ice cream. "А" indicates more of a distinction, which could be either "but" or "and". It is dark at night and/but it is light during the day. Or the example here, where either and or but could work (although I'd say there's a little more stress on the contrast if "but" is used).

[deactivated user]

    Why is the dash not used in the first half of the sentence, «на юге тепло» but it is used in «на севере - холодно»?


    Memo for N-S-E-W: - Though the wind in the North is SEVERE (север), the North has subJUGated the South (Юг). - In the Far East, at the Bay of the Golden Horn, lies VladiVOSTOK (Восток)... and ze pedlers (Запад) travel up the Silken Road, from West to East.


    South : юг North : север East : восток West : запад


    Why does leaving out the dash make the answer incorrect.? It takes about 5 moves to include it, and up til now no one cared. So i left it out.


    так и думал что надо писать "а на севере", хотя думаю, что многие войдут в заблуждение также, как и я


    Not for us folks here in the Southern hemisphere ;-)


    Ae, pono, this is so hemispherist!


    на юге тепло а на сереве - холодно

    why is it incorrect?

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