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"Doctors examine patients in a hospital."

Translation:В больнице врачи осматривают пациентов.

November 13, 2015



Why is it пациентов?


It is the masculine accusative plural for animate subjects, which happens to be identical to the masculine genitive plural.


I think, in this instance, you mean animate objects.


Since "patients" is the direct object it is in accusative tense. Animate masculine nouns uses genitive tense as accusative


Let me take a guess (although I honestly suck at grammar). As the object of осматривают it's in the accusative case, which for animate masculine nouns is the same as the genitive!? (please correct me if I'm saying ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤...)


I wondered as well. Turns out it actually is the accusative form.


Врачи в больнице осматривают пациентов. Anyone?


That's the answer I gave, and it was marked wrong. I think it should be counted as a correct answer.


Not accepted 11/2/20. I will report.


it isn't wrong word-for-word, but the new information becomes "examining patients". ergo, that sentence sounds like "Examining patients is what the doctors do in the hospital", or "Doctors in the hospital examine patients(as opposed to doing something else)". either way, i don't see issue with that word order, but i can't speak for Duo.


не понимаю почему "доктора" - ошибка

[deactivated user]

    Это не ошибка.

    Этот курс — бета-версия, иногда правильные варианты не принимаются. Пожалуйста, сообщайте об этом с помощью кнопки 'Report a Problem'.


    I always do, sorry if I annoy you with comments, just want to make sure

    [deactivated user]

      No problem, you don't annoy anyone :)


      врач осматрвает пациентов в болнице

      in my opinion it should work am i right ?

      [deactivated user]

        «Врач осма́тривает» is singular, it should be «врачи́ осма́тривают». The English sentence has doctors, so you should use the second variant.

        (Also, больни́ца is spelt with a soft sign after л, but that would probably be counted as a typo by Duolingo.)


        Why does "в больнице" have to be at the beginning of the sentence?


        it's a There-Is construction, where the hospital is the established info(placed at the start), and doctors examining patients as the new info(placed at the end). The following are a few proper translations:

        There are doctors examining patients in the hospital. Doctors are examining patients in the hospital. Doctors examine patients in the hospital.

        Notice how the article for the established info is 'the' rather than say, an 'a'? This 'a' would be applied to the new info instead, however the plural 'doctors' cannot accept the singular article, so it's omitted and There Is becomes There Are.

        To conclude, if you put в больнице at the end, the sentence would read as:

        THE doctors (examine/are examining) patients in A hospital.


        I do not understand why my word order is incorrect


        Well no one here can see what your word order is.


        From what I have observed phrases of time and place always come at the beginning of the sentence. In German the order is time, manner, place. Perhaps ditto in Russian


        What is the different between using врачи осматривают and врачи очиатривает


        ОсматриваЮт is plural ending used with prnoun "they" (они) ОсматриваЕт is a singular ending used with the pronoun "he/she" (он/она)


        How do you say "middle finger" in Russian?


        Why can't рациетов come before the verb осматривают?


        It can, but it wuold mean that the doctors only check them, since order reversal now puts the emphasis on "осматривают"


        Is there a word order based on function in Russian as in Chinese (,When ,who ,where ,what) I had come to understand that Russian like German and Latin didn't rely on word order ,but the endings of a word indicated their function ,not position as in English. I entered as a direct translation ,The doctors in the hospital examine patients , Direct Russian translated as , In hospital doctors examine patients. Is it a case of emphasize ?? Does my entry have the meaning that ,there are doctors examining patients in the hospital ,but the request was to ,simply be information ,Doctors examine patients in hospitals ,as a matter of course.


        could someone use the word госпиталь instead of больница ?


        Yes, but usually the word "госпиталь" is used for military hospitals.

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