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"Vad är avståndet från flygplatsen till hotellet?"

Translation:What is the distance from the airport to the hotel?

November 13, 2015



Is this the "normal" sentence you would use to ask someone how far it is to something else? Or is that just for science? I'm asking because in English you'd rather ask "How far is it from A to B?" than using "the distance" (it's similar in German, my native tongue)


No, sounds a bit scientific to ask it this way, as if you were concerced with the distance in a sense of meters rather than convenience. In a regular conversation, one might ask "Hur långt är det från flygplatsen till hotellet?" or "Hur långt är det mellan flygplatsen och hotellet?".


I agree, I don't think I'd ever say this in everyday life, but maybe in a maths task.


Thanks for clearing that up! That's what I suspected :)


"What is the distance between the airport and the hotel" is wrong?


Why not "distance between" ?

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