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  5. "Elmayı yiyor musunuz?"

"Elmayı yiyor musunuz?"

Translation:Are you eating the apple?

November 13, 2015



Making sure I understand this particle correctly, would "elmayı mı yiyorsunuz?" be a correct way of saying "Are you eating the apple?" if I wanted to emphasize the apple? That is, in a context where there was, say, both an apple and an orange on the table and I wanted to know which one you were eating?


Yep! You got it :)


If I hear this sentence in real life, I would not understand it. I feel like I can read more sentences now, but my listening skills are not improving.


I know what you mean! Let's hope they won't pronounce it "elmi yonsunz" in real life, because then I will probably never be able to make out anything said to me!


Ben de! The voice how to pronounce this sentence is also a little bit difficult to understand here . Like it is 1 word .


So there are multiple people eating a single apple?


Siz can be used for formal singular as well as second person plural! In this case it is formal singular.


I know that we write it together, like elmayı yiyormusunuz?


It is not written together :) That is a mistake that many native speakers make, but it must be written seperately.


At least I did a native speaker's mistake xD Thanks !


"Elmayı yiyor musun?" It is my understanding that 'musun' is singular 'you' and musunuz is plural 'you' or formal singular 'you.' Probably it is better to learn the most polite form as a default, but I am curious if 'musun' is actually incorrect here, and if so, why?


Do you eat the apple? Why is that wrong?


You used the wrong tense. "yiyor musunuz" is the present continuous tense in English :)


Realy sometimes i could not understand what they try by saying"elmayı yiyor ...." All of them eat one appel...or it a kind of turkish way to say they usaily eat an appel?


I am sorry, I am not sure what you are asking. :)


The plural is also used as a polite pronoun. Like French "vous". So "yiyorsunuz" can mean "you (plural) are eating" or "you (formal) are eating", speaking to one person respectfully.


So plz i understand that we add the suffix ''sunuz'' to ''mu'' not to the verb Or we add to one of them ? Plz answer me i'm lost here :-(

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