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"Почему ты думаешь, что у меня плохие дети?"

Translation:Why do you think that I have bad children?

November 13, 2015



Because they broke my window


It's either genes or upbringing. You don't come out of it well, either way.


Would this mean "What makes you say I have bad children?", "What do you think is the cause that I have bad children?", or both?


Yes, it's not clear whether these interpretations are both there in just the English or also in the Russian


I wrote "Why do you think I have bad children?" and was marked wrong.


Report it using the Report a Problem button


I think it's because it's correct in meaning but the russian sentense contains что which means "that". Not important for the meaning in english but closer to the original russian sentense when you include it. Just to say it: I'm neither native english nor russian speaker so all I am saying is what I think was the problem that duo had with your translation :)


Well you forgot about "что"


Funny thing is that in the word bank exercise the word "that" wasn't included so I actually had to form YOUR sentence.

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