"Вот наш бизнес-план на будущий год."

Translation:Here is our business plan for next year.

November 13, 2015

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DL should accept "for the coming year" if it doesn't already.


I was pleasantly surprised to see it accepted.


Should it really, though? "The coming year" can mean "this year" if you say it in January. Genuinely asking, I don't know if будущий год and/or следующий год can have that same sense in Russian.


Наступающий год means "this year" if you say it in January.

Будущий and следующий (following year) have a slight difference.


What is the difference between будущий and следующий?


Va-diim is right, but you can also use 'будущий' as a synonym for 'следующий' in most cases.

'next time' -> 'следующий/будущий раз'

'next husband' -> 'следующий/будущий муж'

But sometimes it sounds unnatural:

'Who is the next?' -> only 'Кто следующий?'


It's unnatural even in English ;-).

Who is next? (There is no "the.") Unless,

Who is the next one?


ну все же будущий есть будущий. В английском не говорят a future year?


A future year значит какой-то будущий год, но не именно этот или наступающий


future и next


It seems that "This is our business plan for next year" should also be accepted.


Russian natives, Duo is accepting both "the next year" and "next year", which don't mean the same in English... say I'm saying this now (in July), "the next year" can mean from now until next July, but "next year" means starting this coming January. Is the Russian ambiguous or does будущий год mean "the next year" and следующий год mean "next year"?


"the next year" in your case would translate as «в течение года».

"Next year" would be «в следующем году».


so будущий год can not translate as "the next year" then? Which means it should be removed as a correct answer?


"The next year" in your example is more accurately "within the next year," with the word "within" frequently omitted. This concept doesn't translate directly but is rather determined by the context of the conversation or paragraph. Будущий год can mean both, but it depends on the context.


well in this example it's "for the next year" vs "for next year". "within the next year" would mean at some point in the next twelve months, not for all of the 12 months. But спасибо, if будущий can mean either then you've answered my question. :)


It's my pleasure. Now I'm confused hahaha! Hope it helped :-)


I'm still a little confused by previous answers: can на будущий год mean BOTH 'for next year' (i.e. the year starting next January AND 'for the next year' (i.e. the coming year starting from now)? Cheers.


Следующий and/or будущий год implies the next year starting after January 1st, although the latter будущий is less strict on that idea and can mean a year starting from now. If the implication is starting now and including the current year, then it's в течение года or до конца года


Can I say следующий год?

[deactivated user]

    So if you spoke or wrote business English and said "upcoming year" how would you translate that into Russian? The term "upcoming year" in this context is quite common.


    Exactly the same way as this exercise.


    The upcoming year - наступающий год.


    Can't we say "for the following year"? It was marked wrong...


    this more translates to: Here is our business plan for the coming year. For next year would be: вот наш бизнес план на следующий год

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