"Grass is near the palace."

Translation:Возле дворца трава.

November 13, 2015



This is an awkward sounding sentence, perhaps "there is grass near the palace" would be a better way to phrase this.

November 13, 2015


Во дворе трава. На траве дрова. На дровах братва в дрова. )))))

December 4, 2018


Why wouldn't "около" work here?

August 10, 2016


I have the same question.

March 23, 2017


What is the difference between возле and около?

November 14, 2016

[deactivated user]

    I don't feel much difference between these words.

    November 14, 2016


    There is no difference.

    June 23, 2018


    Why isn't Возле трава дворца accepted?

    August 14, 2016

    [deactivated user]

      One does not simply separate pronouns from nouns

      Во́зле is a preposition and, together with a noun it modifies (дворца́), it constitutes an indivisible phrase. You could insert other words modifying the noun (e.g. возле краси́вого дворца́ 'near the beautiful palace'), but not completely unrelated words.

      August 14, 2016


      I'll certainly remember the placement now thanks to the meme :)

      So, based on what you've said, "Возле трава дворца" would actually mean "The palace is near the grass"? Or is it just completely awkward/nonsensical?

      August 14, 2016

      [deactivated user]

        Sorry, yes, it's definitely a preposition! I'll need to fix my message. (Upd: fixed it)

        «Возле трава дворца» would mean nothing, since во́зле requires genitive, and трава́ is nominative. It could work if there was a masculine noun тра́в (near the palace's трав), but we don't have such a noun.

        August 17, 2016


        Also updated - this never happened ;)

        And, ugh, of course Возле/genitive. This is my most frustrating thing about Russian right now. I'm getting more comfortable with the case system (which is progress, I suppose) - I just don't always remember to think about it.


        August 18, 2016


        That makes sense! So возле трава дворца would mean something similar (the palace is near the grass), but not literally what they're looking for?

        August 14, 2016


        "Трава около дворца." must be accepted. Reported it.

        May 31, 2017


        If Дворца is the prepositional form,what would be the nominative form?

        December 17, 2017


        Дворец is nominitive. Sometimes the penultimate vowel of a noun with a suffix will be dropped. Simply has to be memorized.

        March 11, 2018


        Дворец, and двореца (wrong) contracts to дворца

        March 30, 2018


        Трава возле дворца ?

        November 13, 2015

        [deactivated user]

          I think this would mean «The grass is near the palace», but I’m not sure.

          November 13, 2015


          I could be wrong in my attempt to apply this elsewhere, but I found your word order explanation of something similar on another thread to be extremely helpful. It's still awkward for me but having that framework in which to think of it has been very useful.


          Or, it doesn't apply here at all and I don't understand it as well as I think I do. That's entirely possible, likely even! Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken.

          November 24, 2015

          [deactivated user]

            Thanks! This is applicable here.

            Since the time I wrote that post I've found a description of word order in Rosenthal. Basically, it confirms my intuition about the old/new information (topic-comment relation), but there's another dimension to it: sometimes the word order is fixed.

            An example of the fixed word order is the position of adjectives, I've decribed it here yesterday: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11877095 — it has nothing to do with what's new information.

            November 24, 2015


            Why not "Возле дворца есть трава"?

            November 20, 2016


            Is "Трава находится близко дворца" wrong? In case, why? I always thought близко and возле were synonyms.

            June 28, 2017


            If you use "близко" you need a preposition after this word like this:
            "близко к дворцу", "близко ко мне"

            June 28, 2017


            Makes sense, thanks a lot :)

            June 28, 2017


            "возле" = "около"

            February 19, 2018


            Why not дворце if it comes after a preposition?

            September 21, 2018


            Not all prepositions take prepositional case. Возле and около take the genitive.

            October 30, 2018


            Why after возле we don't put дворце instead of Двореца

            March 15, 2019


            I wrote "трава у дворца". :/

            June 29, 2018


            У дворца трава would that work here

            December 15, 2018


            Why is "недалеко дворца трава" wrong? Thanks in advance.

            January 14, 2019


            In this case the adverb 'недалеко' needs preposition 'от'.
            "недалеко от дворца" is like "not far from the palace"
            недалеко = not far
            далеко = far

            January 14, 2019


            I don't know when i have to use accusative, genetive and nominative in these sentences... Can someone explain it to me....

            April 18, 2019
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