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  5. "Jag äger ingen pistol."

"Jag äger ingen pistol."

Translation:I own no gun.

November 13, 2015



'I own no gun' sounds so odd. Wouldn't it be better if it was: I don't own a gun ?


I was thinking the same thing


Strictly speaking that translates to "Jag äger inte en pistol", but I'd report it anyway just in case.


Is pistol a handgun like it is here in the UK or just "gun" meaning any firearm?


It's a handgun.


More precisely, at least as I understand it, a pistol is a type of handgun (handelsavtal, handeldvapen), revolver being another. A gun, in English, is any type of firearm, including assault rifles, cannon, etc. Since we're on the subject, could we sort this terminology out a little better?


Kom som du är? :) This sentence reminded me of Nirvana. :)


Som du var. Som jag vill ha dig vara. \m/


*Som jag vill att du ska vara

"Vill ha" means that you want a noun of some kind, like "I want love" or "I want a banana".


Why is this in "politics"?


Likely, because Sweden has very stringent gun laws which require a license (I know of 2: a license for sport shooting and one for hunting) to own/use, and require highly specific storage/transport requirements (Even if you are just a collector!) The Swedish government considers it a privilege to own a firearm; not a right. As this is not the rule of law in all countries, it seems fitting (at least to me) that this is in the Politics section.


It does feel a little weird though... they don't change their laws on it very much, so when I've been over in Sweden, I've only ever encountered mentions of firearms in a sporting/hunting context and never (so far) in politics.


Everybody seems to think this is something specific for the Swedish tree (there was a comment about it in another thread very recently) but actually weapon was in the Politics skill in the template tree we got from Duo when we started creating the course (along with war and army) so it isn't our idea :D


Plus, where else would we put it? It's either here or in a "News" skill. :)


Another logical spot would be "Sports", but the explanation that it's based on "weapon" being in the course-template for Politics makes sense so that's probably a good enough answer :)


Why not "i don't have any gun"?


1 ) Jag äger inte pistol :- I don't own a gun

2 ) Jag äger ingen pistol :- I own no gun

3 ) Jag har inte pistol :- I don't have a pistol. Or I don't have any gun

4 ) jag har ingen pistol :- I have no gun

Am i right ? Tack på förhand


1 and 3 are grammatical but much better if you say inte någon instead.

Otherwise that's all correct.


Sounded like a y or i on the end of pistol


" i do not own any gun"

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