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  5. "She is wondering who he is."

"She is wondering who he is."

Translation:Hun lurer på hvem han er.

November 13, 2015



Why does 'hun undrer seg på hvem han er' not work here?


If you want to use undre you can't use the reflexive form (which carries nuances like excitement and surprise), you need the s-form å undres. Hun undres på hvem han er. Personally I think it's a slightly dated verb, but it has a literary quality to it.


with "å undre" i would say either "Hun undrer på hvem han er" or "Hun undres hvem han er" (I still usually prefer "lurer på").


Thank you both :)


"Hun undrer seg på hvem han er,"showed up as the correct answer (2017-08-22) when I made an error. :-)


Can you not say "hun lurer på hvem som han er"? I get that the som is unnecessary, but is it also not allowed? Or should that be allowed as an answer? Because it showed up as incorrect for me.


"Hvem som" cannot be used together with personal pronouns (him/her/I). The "som" excludes the personal pronouns when the question word "hvem" is used.

"Jeg vet hvem (det var) som gjorde det. Det var han som gjorde det. Han gjorde det." I know who (it was that) did it. It was him who did it. He did it.

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