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  5. "У вас большой город?"

"У вас большой город?"

Translation:Is your city large?

November 13, 2015



i thought the translation should go as 'do you have a big city'


у вас, etc. without the есть often equates to "is your (noun) (adjective)?"


This sentence threw me for a loop...would you even ask this of someone who is not the mayor, the way this is phrased, or can you ask an average citizen too?


Dangling "у меня", "у тебя" and similar pseudo-possessive constructions are frequently used in Russian to express something that has relevance and concerns something of yours. We try not to use too many of these sentences, though

[deactivated user]

    You can ask an average citizen too.


    No, you say: Do you live in a big city? Not: Is your city large... sounds very unnatural.


    "У вас город большой?" <--- Could you say that with the same meaning?


    Is it ok to say "Твой/Ваш город большой?" ?


    "Is your city large?" = "Ваш/Твой город большой?". "У вас большой город?" = "У вас есть большой город?" = "Do you have a large city?".


    Ваш город большой? sounds true. У вас большой город - it is something like you build some city in computer game and want to ask your partner if he exelled in that too.


    I got it wrong, and Duo said the correct answer was: "Do you have a large city?"

    That's not right, either. I will try Duo's answer when the exercise comes again, to see if Duo marks itself wrong.


    But it's not like "Do you have a large city?" is strictly wrong in any sense. Certainly not a broadly-applicable sentence, but one can fathom uses for it.


    Why not "Do you live in a large city."


    That'd be Ты живёшь в большом городе?


    У вас большой город?Have you a big city?

    Is your city large? Ваш город большой?

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