"Вот наши офисы."

Translation:Here are our offices.

November 13, 2015

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наш vs. наши = singular vs. plural, right?

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    Yes, indeed.

    However, «наш» is not just singular, it’s singular masculine. Feminine form is «на́ша», and neuter form is «на́ше».


    And what is 'нас'?

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      That's 'us', a form of «мы» 'we'.


      Нас is a meaning for "we" when it comes to a possession of something


      What is wrong with "Our offices are here."?


      "вот" is used in order to present or show something you're pointing to. Your translation would be right if the word used was здесь, like in наши офисы здесь", and not вот


      I completely mis-read what August wrote XD I thought he said, "What's wrong with 'Our officers are here?'"


      Why is the И pronounced as E in наши?

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        When Е or И are unstressed, they are not distinguished in the standard pronounciation: they're both pronounced in the same way


        Which one is pronounced like the other?


        Both letters change to a new third sound, something like "ih".

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          I believe they're both pronounced not in the same way as they're pronounced in stressed syllables.


          So when they are not stressed, И is Е and Е is И?


          It depends on speaking, but it's not so often F.e. В Кремлé (sounds like "в Кримлé" sometimes (in Kremlin) or криминàл - "кременàл"


          The first three words of the English translation are definitely tongue twisters...


          My God... Now that... That's what I call dedication... 24 languages and a 155 day streak... Wow.


          Pretty impresive. I think he works for duolingo as a beta tester. Keep going bro.


          the differences when certain letters are stressed makes ME stressed as well aHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH


          I understand the idea of "pointing at something" while using Вот and I still don't get why is "THESE ARE our offices" wrong ?


          This is because you're showing -where- they are, not -what- they are. "These" would mean that youre pointg at the thing and telling what it is. Вот would be closer to "this is the location of" I always imagine not pointing at the thing, but pointing at a map, like in "Вот Россия" "here is russia"


          How does one determine if to make something plural you put ы or и at the end?


          "behold our offices" didn't work ;-; /lh


          Произношение как будто пленку зажёвывает.


          I have been told a question ago that are/is will need a "-" in it. So i did it and it was wrong, so can someone explain?

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            Dash is only needed in "X is/are Y" sentences when X and Y are nouns (that is, words naming things, people or phenomena). E.g. Маша — программистка 'Masha is a programmer'. You don't need dash with other parts of speech.

            So, you don't need a dash when 'is' joins pronouns (words referring to things without naming them): Я программистка. 'I'm a (female) programmer.' Вот офис. 'Here is our office'. (In English, here is an adverb, but in Russian вот is a pronoun. It's like 'this-thing-here'.) You don't need a dash with adjectvies (words naming qualities) either: Вода́ холо́дная. 'The water is cold.'


            FSB (Федеральная служба безопасности Российской Федерации) offices?


            Наше vs наши?

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              На́ше is singular neuter form: на́ше объявле́ние ‘our ad’.

              На́ши is plural form: на́ши офисы ‘our offices’, на́ши объявле́ния ‘our ads’.

              There’s also a singular masculine form наш (на́ш о́фис ‘our office’) and singular feminine form на́ша (на́ша зада́ча ‘our task’).


              Why was "вот наше офисы" marked as correct? It seems wrong to me


              it sounded a bit like "вот наше fece" and I got really confused


              "хере аре оур оффичес" is not accepted. Strange.


              It says it is correct but says it is wrong

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