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  5. "это дело"

"это дело"

Translation:this business

November 13, 2015



Why does the sentence not translate "this is business" or "it is business?"

[deactivated user]

    It's not a sentence, it's a nominal phrase (that's why it doesn't have a capital letter).

    "This/is is business" would be «Э́то би́знес». «Э́то де́ло», when used as a sentence, has an idiomatic meaning 'it is a bargain, I agree to this', so it's unlikely to be used to mean 'This/it is business'.


    ooo, that's sneaky, gotta admit, I don't pay much attention to whether the word is capitalized or not. Thanks for the heads up!


    I was under the impression это was a a pronoun and этот was a determinant. Is this wrong?

    [deactivated user]

      Это is a not just a free-standing pronoun, but also a neuter-gender form of э́тот. So, «это дело» can mean both 'it/this is [a] business' and 'this business'.


      Why is "this case" not correct? I had a law case in mind.


      Even when you check the word here on Duolingo it suggests "case" as a translation.


      What's the difference between дело and дела? (As in как дела?)


      дела is the plural form of дело. They differ in pronounciation because they have different stress patterns: дело/дела


      I feel like Duo is already teaching us how to have smooth dealings with the Russian mob.


      Oxford dictionary gives very many meanings, and these should all be included. There is no context given here, with a two word phrase, that would exclude any other meaning. Also, the Oxford dictionary gives synonyms including работа, and занятие. The various meanings are business, affair, deal, cause, occupation, concern, matter, point (as in point of honor), fact, deed, act, case. There are other meanings, but that case and work are refused is something with which I would take issue.


      Could we also translate it as affairs? In phrases such as "как дела"?


      Are 'issue' or 'deal' incorrect translations? Why?


      On Wiktionary, it says the word is cognate with English 'deed'. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BB%D0%BE English 'deal' is cognate with German 'teilen', "to divide". It seems the resemblance is accidental.


      I don't believe it's only accidental. I think that's when Trump wrote "The art of the deal". - - When you deal, you divide in some way. Not that some don't take everything for themselves, of course.


      Is «дело» neuter?


      Yes; all nouns that end in -о are neuter.


      Can дело be translared as work?


      I put этё дело and it says correct?! Pls help meh

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