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Esperanto Resources to Help Build Sentences

Here is a great Youtube video by Evildea listing a bunch of resources that may be usefull to beginners!

November 13, 2015




Oh, and here are the links, in the order they are mentioned:
(No, I haven't personally tried them all out (yet?).)

Some additional links found in the YouTube comments section:

For "just" a dictionary, there's also

  • Fundamento de Esperanto: Universala Vortaro de la lingvo internacia
    translations to five languages: français, English, Deutsch, русский, polski
    Do note that it's from 1905, which of course means that no Oficialaj Aldonoj ("Official Additions") are included. I also suspect that it's originally scanned (e.g. I've noticed what I guess is a typo in the German definition of la).

  • Andras Rajki's E.D.E.L. (Etymological Dictionary of the Esperanto Language)
    Please note, as it says on the Wikipedia Esperanto etymology page:

    Note: This dictionary should be used with caution. For example, amelo (starch) is given as a rare example of a Greek word that does not occur in Latin. However, it is not only a Latin derivation (from amyl-um), but more directly derives from German amel-.

  • Komputeko - la multilingva prikomputila terminokolekto (Esperanto abbreviation of Computer Terminology Collection, or "Prikomputila terminokolekto")
    available in: Esperanto, English, nederlands, français, Deutsch


Vi pravas. Evildea faris bonegan liston, kaj mi uzas la liston tuj nun ĉar mi vere bezonas lerni ĉi tiujn aferojn.

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