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student cheating?

Hi-I had a student that was way behind in their lessons. Then they started another account and I was able to see the following:

TimestampSkillLessonXPNov 11, 2015 6:35 PM - Test1300 XP

It looks as if he gained 1300 xp in one day where as my other students needed several weeks to get to this number.

Can anyone help with this?

November 13, 2015



Hi! Is it possible he took a placement test? When you start a course for the first time, you can try taking a placement test (and at any point, you can attempt to "test out" at certain checkpoints), and if you are successful, and depending on where you land, you can earn a lot of points at once. Can I ask why he started a new account?


We had very little time to discuss it but all he could say was that his other account was wacky? He is not a very reliable student.


Well, the other account being wacky is no good! I'd love to understand what was happening. If you like, feel free to send me his usernames (both, and not the passwords) to teachers@duolingo.com -- and if he just wanted a lot of points via a placement test, he could have just reset his tree (no need to create an entirely new account).

If you don't think it is something we need to look into, I'd at least be aware that this is something he could have done in 5-15 minutes (unless he was using external tools for help), and that he shouldn't be able to do it again unless he creates a new account, starts a new language, or resets his course. He did not do the same thing your other students did, but maybe it is possible to figure out a way to score him fairly. Did you take a look at where he landed after his placement test? You can ask to see his skill tree—maybe he's already really good at that language?


Thank you for your help-I sent an e-mail to teachers@duolingo

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