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  5. "Hello, Vera Ivanovna."

"Hello, Vera Ivanovna."

Translation:Здравствуйте, Вера Ивановна.

November 13, 2015



Why is "привет" not accepted? Is it too informal for this purpose?


Yes, we don't say "привет" to those whom we address with patronymic.


So, Здравствуй is wrong because it is informal?


I'd rather won't agree because we do say Привет, Вера Ивановна in Russian sometimes. It can be as a form of a joke, or an elder human adressing to his friend.


Exactly! There has to be some way to specify if we have to write it in a formal way or not.

This same type of this applies to so many aspects of the Russian duolingo course. There are so many different ways that you can say something that might be slang or something of the sort but will be accepted in Russia.

I should know, I live in Moscow.


How do you identify patronymic?


This is when the patronym is used together with the firstname. Russians have a first name and family name, like Ivan Chernov, but also a patronyme which is formed from the first name of their father. If the father's name is Ivan, then the patronyme will be Ivanovich for a man, or Ivanovna for a woman. Dimitry would be Dimitrievich or Dimitrievna... and so on.

There could be some exceptions, for example when addressing a elder which you know or as a small joke, but in general when we address someone using their first name + patronyme, it is a formal situation, or it is calling for respect, and we use вы.


Спасибо, тоже!


Фраза эта довольна сложна для перевода и вообще непонятно для кого она. Разъясните это в tips тогда. Что вот в зависимости от объекта нужно переводить по разному. Нужно это во вводных упражнениях вообще? Оставьте тонкость на потом. Пусть просто будет - добрый день


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what does npNbet mean?


Привет is hi or hello but some informally. You say привет when talking with friend or familiar. (and coeval if you are children)


Ok, I admit that I knew it should be Здравствуйте, but I tried my chances with привет because I wanted to avoid having to type it all out :))) (and yes I also pasted it into this comment))


Same, i can type it, but it is completely faster to copy it from google translate xD


Why is "алло" not accepted since we don't know if this is a phone conversation or not?


We usually say "алло" without any names when answering the phone. If we know who is calling (as on mobile phones), we either say "алло" all the same, or proceed to a normal greeting of Здравствуйте. "Алло, Вера Ивановна" does not sound fine to me, unless it is a question: "Алло, Вера Ивановна?" - "Hello, is it Vera Ivanovna?"


Why is "Здравствуй, Вера Ивановна" not an acceptable answer?


Здравствуй is an informal form which doesn't go well with the formal address Vera Ivanovna.


Yea, that's great, but then why I may say здравствуй иван иванович at previous one? It doesn't make sense at all...


Thank you very much.


They really need to be better consistent with formal vs informal and indicate correctly with like (fm) (if) what they want, especially with words like Hello. You could be addressing a child or young person. No indication. So they should accept both forms of здравствуй/те


The indication here is that you address the person using their name + patronym (not sure how that's actually called), which indicates formal speech. Basically like calling someone "Mr Smith" implies a more formal relationship than calling him "John".


Здравствуйте was so hard for me to be able to remember how to spell, so I was forced to learn how to sound it out. Touché Duolingo.


I use SwiftKey keyboard and it auto fills. Just have to be careful about which one it does sometimes. There is even a Russian keyboard.


it literally says Hello, and hello is привет, i understand that it's not formal but it is the literal translation


TFW you mange to spell Здравствуйте correct for the first time


Funny that алло was wrong since the question right before this one was translate "алло, Вера Ивановна." Then answer was hello, Vera, Ivanovna. Now it's wrong?


What's the difference between здравствуйте and здравствуй?


Здравствуйте is the plural form of the word, it's used when you address to several people, either when you wish to accentuate your respect to the person you're talking to. It is the default form for greeting someone you don't know (especially elder one or your superior). You can use здравствуй form to greet an equal, or someone you know very well, but in those cases you'll want to use much more lightweight greetings: привет (equivalent for 'hi') or an informal reduced form здарова (pronounsed w/ emphasis on 'о'). In the latter case you should be on "yo, man!" terms with your companion (i.e. very familiar to). So basically здравствуй is almost obsolete as it's too cumbersome (as many people here note already).


If you tab the word Hello, you actually get all the 3 possible translations, and then only one of it is accepted. That is a bit confusing.


There are indeed several ways to say "hello". You need to choose the right one according to the context. Here, addressing someone using their patronymic means you need to use the polite form.


why is it not: здравствуй Вера Ивановна


It is not possible to know if you mean hello on the phone or else.


When do you use Здравствуйте and when Здравствуй?


The 2nd one is informal.


Привет, Вера Ивановна - не принимает :-(


А москвичи еще удивляются за что их вся Россия терпеть не может. Вот за такую халтуру и не может. В том числе


Do you use "й" in "здравствуйте, вера" for singular and would you use "и" in "здравствуите, ребята" for plural?


I can't answer the English to Russian questions because I can't find the Russian keyboard and there is no dropdown menu.


I use this website for the keyboard, then copy paste: https://russian.typeit.org/


I can't my phone doesn't write in Russian


without a cyrillic keyboard,i have tried all professional tanslations-and you won't accept zdrastvuytye,zdrastvuyte etc,etc-for hello.pray tell us oh brains-what would you come up with?-i won't carry on with this sorry game.


Try this to type, makes it a lot easier! https://russian.typeit.org/


здрасте, Вера Ивановна marked incorrect..........


Здрасте will be very rude to greet someone you speak to, especially when you're using full name, including patronymic. Polite people will make a remark on your manners. Those who're not polite will reply with something like забор покрасьте.


привет and здравствуйте are the same exact meaning. Both mean "Hello"


Who is vera ivanovna? lol.


Why doesn't it accept "Aлла"?


May i ask a question? Do these 'formal and informal' thing is important to Russia?


Yes, for your friends, you would use informal, but talking to an adult, you would have to use formal.


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how do you know if its patronymic?


Hints show привет but it isnt accepted...


sometimes: здравствуй is ok, other times:здравствуйте is required???????


proniunciation of здравствуйте?


Здравс, твуй, те, ве, ра, и, ва, нов, на


Привет is correct too!


really, not "hallo"???


I read the comments and I saw the difference. But let's say that I want to say Привет, Вера Ивановна as a joke or a sarcastic approach. Is it not accepted in this case?


How do you spell words with и or е correctly? I always mix the two up.

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