Do i get credit when someone overwrites the exact same thing as I did one or two versions before in immersion? I noticed this occurs kinda often and really feels unfair. Also could we have a way to easily find where are one's good marks and bad marks ?

November 24, 2013


Would be nice if they got a message "This answer has been submitted previously. Would you like to revert to that translation?" and if they click "Yes" it reverts. If they click "No" it gives them the same error it gives someone else who hasn't made a correction. (aka, they can't save it because they didn't add anything.) Then, when people click an extra space bar, etc. and someone reports it as abuse, it's clearly abuse because they had to click the NO button first. (Unfortunately, eliminating that extra space bar option wouldn't work it shows up legitimately in some original source documents :P)

You keep the points from your original translation. The newcomer gets points for not doing anything. No, you cannot find out where you received good or bad marks. I use ''Looks good'' whenever I'm sure the translation deserves it. I never, never use ''Looks wrong'' if I think something needs changing I contact the writer on his /her stream and propose my revisions. Usually, I get very polite replies.
You can revert to your translation, in which case you'll get more points. Of course then the other person can revert again....etc,etc. Translations are benificial for learning and repaying DL's lessons but it is not a perfect system.

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