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"It was a long day, and I am very tired."

Translation:Это был долгий день, и я очень устал.

November 13, 2015



Is it necessary to use "eto" in the Russian sentence?

[deactivated user]

    I believe not using «э́то» would change meaning, but I’m not sure I can describe the meaning exactly.

    For me, «Был до́лгий день» sounds as if you’re introducing a situation, e.g. if this is a first sentence in a story, and this is not the main point you’re going to make. «Э́то был до́лгий день» sound OK in other situations too, not just as a beginning of the story.

    I'm not sure my understanding is 100% correct because it's not easy to expain the difference.


    I guess tha "это" indicates here a specific day , on which the speaker is referring to. The one which has just past. Not another one.


    My question is the same, is it wrong to say just ''был долгий день'' For me it sounds right, and I know I definitely heard people say such constructions, but I would like to know the opinion of a native Russian speaker.


    Yes, I am agree with you. I typed "Был долгий день" myself.


    The subject here is это, not день. It's neuter. So why is the verb not было? Same when we leave out это in the subjectless versions elsewhere in this discussion? (Not a rhetorical question, inquiring minds...)


    I also wonder whether it should be было. Obviously, Duo is treating день as the subject of the sentence, but that does not seem to be consistent with other exercises. Mystery still unsolved.


    I don't know, friend. You ask interesting questions. I have thought about it for some minutes, but can't to come up with the adequate answer.


    Как я сказал преподавателю: про крайней мере, я теперь делаю более интересные ошибки. ))


    I think using это here changes the meaning to "THAT was a long day..."


    Это is more accurately translated to "it" in English: "It was a long day" is a far more usual expression.

    "That was a long day...." suggests an emphasis on the particular day which is the subject of the sentence, in a way which makes "that day" more significant than other days, which were mostly shorter.

    "It was a long day" on the other hand simply observes that the day was long, no different from any other day.


    When "и" is to be used and when "а" - for "and"??


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