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  5. "We are going to the beach."

"We are going to the beach."

Translation:Мы идём на пляж.

November 13, 2015



can't we say мы ходим на пляж ?


can someone explain to me the difference between идём and едeм. They are apparently both correct here, but in another example earlier I had to use the едем version and идём was wrong.


Ходить/идти refers to "going" but usually implies going by foot somewhere, and it is typically reserved for smaller distances (going to a store, going to school, etc.). Ездить/ехать is "going" but implies by means of some transportation (car, bus, plane, etc.), and traveling bigger distances (traveling between cities, countries, etc.).

You can use them interchangeably if you add words like (идти) пешком (to go by foot) or (ехать) на автобусе (to go by bus), if you really want to clarify the meaning of something. Like you can't just say "Я ходил в Китай" (I went to China), unless you actually DID walk to China, in which case it's better to add пешком to clarify that that's what you meant.


I actually did not realize that едeм was a conjugation of ехать before looking it up after I couldn't figure out why you were explaining the difference between идти and ехать in a question about what I thought was two versions of идти. Thanks for the explanation.


"My sobiraemsya na plyazh," is not correct here. :(


I think it's because "собираемся" means "we are going to" in the sense of "we will" / "we plan to". It shouldn't be displayed in the hints of this exercise as it's misleading.

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