"Потому что так надо."

Translation:Because it's meant to be so.

November 13, 2015

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"Because it is meant to be" was wrong because I did not literally translate the word так (so)?! But in English the 'so' in this case is somewhat redundant!


Is this similar to the English, when you get tired of endless "Whys" from someone (usually a child), and eventually answer: "Because it is."?

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    Well, if you were answering child's questions, you could just say «Потому́». «Потому́ что так на́до» is something you could say to an adult, it doesn't sound condescending.


    Is this translation really wrong: "because that is what is needed"?


    "Because that's what needs to be done" "Because that's what's needed to be done" "Because that's what I / you / we have to do" "Because that's what I / you / we / one should do" "Because that's what's I / you / we need to do" Fine answers, all of them.


    "because it needs to be like that" could be a possible answer, no?


    Because it's needed?


    Yeah I put the same. I'll report it.


    The tablet version asks to translate this from Russian, and the choices of English words given can only be constructed as "Because it has to be that way". How ironic!


    why :it must be that way ...is wrong?

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