Incubator login


I received the mail that says I was accepted for the incubator but I cannot login on incubator page. There is no option to login via Facebook which is my current account setup on Duolingo.

Also I reported this problem via support link but honestly, I don't think that thing works. Because there was only unrelated information (like microphone setup needs proper flash settings etc.) in the confirmation mail I received.

And that reminds me, having a troubleshooting board is not the best way for bug tracking. I don't want to blabber about this subject on this unrelated topic.

Thanks in advance!

November 24, 2013


Hello Fehmican! The support link does work. We do a lot of monitoring of the Troubleshooting section as well. I'm going to get in touch directly about the Incubator login :) Look for an email shortly.

And we were wondering where you are! :)

The e-mail you have registered with Facebook or the email address didn't work?

Fehmican! I sent you an email yesterday- you should be good to go based on the instructions I sent you :)

Thank you. By following your instructions I finally managed to login.

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