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  5. "Where do your students live?"

"Where do your students live?"

Translation:Где живут ваши ученики?

November 13, 2015



What is the difference between студенты and ученики?


Its the same thing. They're synonyms. The only difference is that if you were to directly translate the words using their roots, 'ученики' would be 'learners', which I dont think is an actual word in english.


It does sometimes, driving students for example are often referred to as, 'learners'


Good example, the authorization they are given to drive before they are given a license is called a "Learner's Permit"


Apprentice would be a preferable term to imply as the alternative.


Unfortunately in education circles students are now often referred to as "learners."


There's a girl on YouTube that gives Russian lessons and starts every episode with 'привет Russian learners.'


I suppose this is to differentiate from language students who study at school and don't need to use YouTube videos, I would feel weird saying I am a Russian student while only doing duolingo and Youtube videos. Student seems to imply a structure and a learner can be learning anything as they please, at home, in their spare time.


the info page says студент exclusively refers to university age students


I used a студенты which is very close to the Spanish word for students estudiantes. It was accepted.


Ученик, the singular form of ученики, from my limited experience is used for students who follow a particular person, or discipline - 'disciple', 'apprentice', 'novice'; Whereas студенты refers almost exclusively to college students, who are engaged in exploring general knowledge.


why "Где ваши ученики живут?" is wrong?


It is not wrong, but less common. You would use this word order, for example, if you are talking about other things the students do. Like:

  • Здесь ученики занимаются, а здесь обедают. = Here, the students study, and here they have lunch.
  • А где ваши ученики живут? = And where do your students live?


Большое спасибо olimo!


Is it incorrect to say Где живут твой ученики? It's not accepted.


I am not a native speaker, but it could be, because it should be твои, which is the plural form. Твой is male singular.


The emphasis is supposed to be on the и of ученик, but I hear it at у. Anyone else noticed?


What's wrong exactly with "где живут ваши ученики"? Did I just get marked wrong for the question mark?


Duo strips out punctuation from your answer and it doesn't care about upper/lower. Your sentence looked fine and is the official answer. Must have been a glitch or a hidden character in your sentence?


Is Ваши necessary? Где живут ученики?


I believe it is necessary. Without it, the sentence changes to: "Where do the students live?" instead of specifying that they're "your" students.


Isn't ученики= disciples and студенты= students?


"Где живут ваши учениц" was not accepted. I understand that this implies the other person has only female students, but is is grammatically wrong?


Obviously this mistake has been reported already. One gives the correct answer but it keeps marking it wrong

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