"Они видят, как ты живёшь."

Translation:They see how you live.

November 13, 2015

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In the tips and notes, it gives the example: 'Я ви́жу, как она́ танцу́ет. = I see her dancing.' Not 'I see how she dances', which would mean something different. So why is 'они видят, как ты живёшь.' 'they see how you live'?

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Sometimes words mean what they mean. If you can imagine a question "How do you cook rice?", then you may, in principle, have a sentence "I learnt how you cooked rice".

But you ARE right, this sentence does not follow what we teach in this skill. I removed it.


Don't remove good sentences just because they don't follow the rule! I just wanted to know why it meant that; if it's a bit irregular, then it's it's a bit irregular. But if people say it, then it's still worth knowing.
I still don't understand, however, how you tell when как mean 'how' and when it indicates perception of action: is it just context? How would you say 'They see that you live'? (They, perhaps, tried to kill you, but now you've escaped, and they've noticed it.) Or is 'to live' not a verb of action, but just a state? In which case, it all makes sense.


Why is there a comma needed here?


It's just the Russian style. You put commas in front of что, как, которой etc.

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