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  5. "В комнате одно окно."

"В комнате одно окно."

Translation:The room has one window.

November 13, 2015



What's wrong with "In the room is one window" ? DL keeps telling me that I have to put "In the room there is one window" and marks it wrong if I leave out the "there." I thought that if I wanted to say "There is one window" I would use "Есть одно окно."


"In the room is one window" is technically correct though I think this construction sounds a bit unusual. Except maybe in the context of a list of all the things that are in the room.


I would use this construction before "In the room there is one window." in the context of describing a room. "The room is quite small, no bigger than my bedroom. In the room is one window and two doors. On the walls is very little decoration, save for a single poster." <- example description


I have to agree with you because I would absolutely say "in the room is one window" and I would say "in the room there is one window."


What difference does leaving “there“ out make? To my non-native eyes “In the room is one window” looks really strange (tbh, it doesn't seem grammatical, but I'm apparently missing something).


Native speaker here. It's... grammatically correct, but I wouldn't ever say it.


I know I've seen/heard English used this way, like in a book where the author is describing a room.


It's grammatically correct, and I talk conversationally like so. I'm American, if that makes a difference here.


"in the room there is one window"doesn't work, but "there is one window in the room, does." Both should.


I understood it's a question because of intonation rising at the end. Am I wrong?


She said it as a question, or as i cant believe it, there is one window???? But on my phone its written with a period.


Hmm. I wrote "There's a window in this room" and was surprised it was marked wrong. Is my translation wrong mostly because "this" would've been written as это (or этот)? Or am i also missing something else?


You need an article: There's a window ..." (I don't know about eto/etot.)


Thanks for catching that typo in my comment, kdammers. (It's corrected now.) My actual translation attempt did not have said typo. :) So, with that out of the way... can somebody help me better understand if the problem with "There's a window in this room" as a translation for "В комнате одно окно" is essentially my inclusion of the word "this", or if there's more to it than that?


It could be the inclusion of the word "this" and it could also be that you did not translate одно as "one"


Oh, yes, of course! Спасибо!


Why isn't "The room has a window" correct?


Why such a free translation ? The literal one is so simple !


This shouldnt say the room has one window. I feel that is a totally different sentence structure. У комнаты есть одно окно. В комнате одно окно would be more "there is one window in the room." I am not 100% sure but it seems like "the room has one window" is a different structure.

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