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  5. "Ofise gidiyoruz."

"Ofise gidiyoruz."

Translation:We are going to the office.

November 13, 2015



Can one not say "We are going to an office" for this?


Nope, for the most part the dative, locative, and ablative are all specific in nature. You can definitely add "bir" beforehand to make it nice and general though :)


If we make it indefinite with ‘bir’, does it still add the dative suffix, or is it like accusative (which only has the suffix when it's definite)?


Can we say "dükkana, Yazıhaneye" ? I know the word 'ofis ' too but here people say dükkan, Yazıhane very often. Thanks in advanced.


"Ofiste gidiyoruz "and "Ofise gidiyoruz " What is the differance and the exact translation for both ?


Ofiste gidiyoruz actually means that your office is big and you are going somewhere in your office and ofiste gidiyoruz means we are going in the office but ofise gidiyoruz means you are in somewhere different tha office and you are going the office and it means we are going to the office


"Ofiste gidiyoruz" means We are going 'in' the office. Which doesn't make sense. -de/da and -te/ta means "in/inside". -a and -e means "to".

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