"Дев'ятий місяць, дев'ята машина, дев'яте місце"

Translation:Ninth month, ninth car, ninth seat

November 13, 2015


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The ninth month, the ninth car, the ninth seat!!!! Why is that wrong? I reported it

November 13, 2015


You were absolutely right to report it!

January 4, 2016


I was 'testing' DuoLingo out to see how they'd 'mark' my answer.... I wrote/ chose correctly. I put: "Ninth month, ninth machine, ninth place." And was marked "Wrong answer"!

I specifically did NOT put 'car' (machine) or 'seat' (place) - although BOTH choices are in the drop-down boxes! WHY the descrepancy??

December 7, 2017


I also tried: "Ninth month, ninth auto, ninth site." as per the drop-down boxes' choices - and again DL marked it "Wrong"!!! Why???

Testing, testing...one, two, three testing....

December 7, 2017


9th month 9th car 9th seat is correct too isn't it?

June 8, 2018
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