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  5. "Здесь нет фамилии."

"Здесь нет фамилии."

Translation:There is no family name here.

November 14, 2015



What does this sentence actually mean? I normally think of a name as something intangible, not as an object that can be present or absent...


Imagine if you fill some documents and forgot to write your last name, you give the documents to some person to check it, he is checks and ..."oh, no last name here, please fill it"


Why was "фамилий" accepted? shouldn't it be фамилии?

[deactivated user]

    «Фами́лий» is a genitive plural, while «фами́лии» is genitive singular.

    So, «Здесь нет фами́лий» would mean 'There are no surnames here'.


    So to a native speaker, is the difference audible, or do they sound the same, and you would have to work out from the context which is meant? I assume the fact Duo accepts either means you cannot tell the difference by sound alone?

    [deactivated user]

      In careful speech, the difference is audible. In fast speech, not really.


      Thank you, saved me from asking the same question!


      I entered "here is no last name" which was incorrect and the following was suggested: "Here, there's nolast name" I think this should be looked at


      Yes, me too. I would have put 'surname', but when I checked, it said 'last name', so I thought I'd better put that and then it was wrong!


      yeah, i also use last name


      "The surname is not here" should also be accepted


      That is not a proper English sentence. At the very least it needs an "is", but even better is: "There is no surname here." I do agree that "surname" should be accepted instead of "last name" or "family name" - if it isn't already.


      Is there a reason why "There is no surname here." is not accepted?


      I am sorry but she says фамилю not фамилии


      This sentence makes no sense, the ai ate one of its nodes


      rejects "there is no surname here". eye roll

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