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"I am a Christian, and my friend is a Muslim."

Translation:Я християнин, а мій друг - мусульманин.

November 14, 2015



"Я християнка, а мій друг - мусульманка." is given as a correct solution. But it would have to be "... моя подруга ..." wouldn't it?


Yes, you are right


Чому в цьому випадку "and" перекладається саме як "а"? І чому не може бути "і"?


"a" for distinction (my friend is Christian but by friend is Muslim) and "i" for conjunction (my friend and I are Muslims).

(And "в цьому випадку" in your question was a new phrase to me -- they should add it to Duolingo!)


What's wrong with "я християн і моя подруга мусульманка".


Nothing that I can see. The problem a year ago was that they gave the masculine pronoun with the feminine noun as a correct answer -- which I think has since been fixed.

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