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  5. "Тим знает вашу книгу."

"Тим знает вашу книгу."

Translation:Tim knows your book.

November 14, 2015



Might be getting ahead of myself, but does Russian have different verbs depending on what is known? Sort of like how German has wissen/kennen or French has savoir/connaître.


I'm about as far in Russian as you are but it doesn't look like it. I've seen a lot of sentences that deal with both knowing information and being familiar with things that all use знать. If there are different verbs it will have to be a wildly different rule than savoir/connaitre (I'm not familiar with German so I don't know about wissen/kennen lol).


Is it the book that you wrote or own?


Глупая фраза... Тим читал вашу книгу, Тим знаком с вашей книгой - нормально! Тим знает вашу книгу - глупо!


are вашу and книгу are in accusative form ?


What does this actually mean/imply? Like I don't think I would ever say something like this..?


can it literally means "tim knows about your book"


That would be better as Тим знает о вашей книги.

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