"Зачем она с ним встречается?"

Translation:Why is she dating him?

November 14, 2015

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I'm told by my Russian friends that зачем is roughly "for what purpose" and почему is roughly "for what cause", but that an easier distinction is that зачем nearly always has negative overtones of disapproval. Native Russian confirm or deny?


I confirm. When someone is interested in your purpose rather than your reason, it's often a signal of disapprove) But, not more than in any other language, e. g. "Why" vs "What for"


I like to think of it as a past/future thing, with почему being the past and зачем being the future. What past thing is causing it to be that way, vs. what future thing is it trying to accomplish by doing what it's doing.

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    So shouldn't почему be used in this sentence?


    That depends on what you're trying to say. If what you're looking for is a kind of surprised or disapproving "what's she dating that guy for?", зачем has that connotation.


    For Spanish speakers (and Portuguese, and I suspect it may have equivalents in all romantic languages), there is a direct equivalent: 1) Почему?: ¿Por qué? 2) Зачем?: ¿Para qué?


    I always think of зачем as "how come", I think it has the same overtone


    "Why does she date him?" - is this sentence wrong?


    'Why is she dating him?' sounds more natural, I'm not sure your version is wrong but the present continuous sounds more natural to my ear.


    In some contexts "why does she date him?" might be used, especially when emphasising the word "does". I'm reporting.


    In that context, it's still most natural to use present continuous and stress "is" - "why is she dating him?"


    3/5/2017 - I wrote "Why is she dating him?" And Duolingo marked it wrong.


    story of my life.


    Can встречается also mean 'meeting'?


    It can be translated as "dating" and as "meeting" ( with now romantic context), yes

    I am meeting with my friends today. Я встречаюсь с моими друзьями сегодня.


    Why ним? How would you say "with them"?


    there is no proper translation of "them" in russian. of course, you can say "с ними", but the person you are talking to will get it as she is dating more than one person


    Is she really going oooout with him? Is she really gonna take, him, home, to-night?

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      Because she is an archeologist and he is an Egyptian mummy.

      (This pun works only in English.)

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        Sense 3: (transitive) To determine the age of something.
        "to date the building of the pyramids"


        Nice! That will come in handy


        And if the one she's dating is a truly good-looking woman that also happens to be egyptian, she'd be an egyptian mommy


        "What is she meeting him for?"? :/ I mean... if they use зачем I am going to translate it into "what [...] for", so I think it's fair if it were accepted.

        By the way, why is зачем used here instead of почему?


        It may be not a dates but ordinary meetings, like friends or formal relationships. In this case "зачем" is perfectly fit, meaning "for what purpose" (почему will mean "for what reason", "why"). If it's about relationships, all variants are allowed (including "для чего") and all have slightly negative background, like "why she's dating him?"


        Is she really going out with him? Is she really gonna take him home tonight? Is she really going out with him? Coz if my eyes don't deceive me there's something going wrong around here.


        What about "Why are she and him dating?"


        I think it's not wrong, but in English you'd have to use he instead of him (when the person is the subject). Why are she and he dating?


        Why do I have to use present continuous tense here? Why is simple present wrong?


        "Dating" is only done in continuous tense. I guess because "to be dating" is an ongoing state, rather than a repeated action. If you're referring to the action of going out together, then you can use present simple: "Why does she go on dates with him?"


        Could this be translated "Why is she meeting with him" (say, in a business context)? If not, how do you say that?


        when a friend of a devilish thoughts girl starts dating


        Он нормальный человек и это хорошо

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