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Uploading Wikipedia articles

When uploading an article into the immersion section, there are several categories that it can be loaded into. When I get an article from Wikipedia, I'm not entirely sure about which category to load it into. I would think that it should be loaded into the Wikipedia category, but I have noticed that some other users have uploaded their Wikipedia food articles into the Food & Drink section.

When I'm looking for a good, interesting article about something tasty, the Food & Drink category is the obvious place to look. So why not upload the Wikipedia food articles into the Food & Drink category? If I knew the exact purpose of the Wikipedia section, I might find it easier to decide.

If anybody else has any input on this, feel free to comment below!

4 years ago

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I think Wikipedia uploads are tagged as Wikipedia for formatting reasons. There should be an option for a secondary category, if it is a Wikipedia article.

4 years ago