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"He is going to quit drinking coffee."

Translation:Han skal slutte å drikke kaffe.

November 14, 2015



My Norwegian girlfriend is telling me that you can't say "Han kommer til å slutte å drikke kaffe", apparently there are some very strict laws about saying "å ... å ...". But now, as I'm writing this, she's saying "Oh no, I might be wrong now, just ask".

So, does anyone know anything about what she's talking about? Are there rules against that kind of thing or is it perfectly acceptable Bokmål? Thank you.


I believe she must be thinking og "å ... og...", which is something many people get wrong because 'og' and 'å' have the same pronunciation, so people would wrongly write "å ... å ..." instead of "å ... og ...":

"Jeg kan sykle og svømme" = "I can bicycle and swim"

If the verbs are paired, you should use 'og', but if the verb is describing the next verb, you should use 'å'.

"Å prøve å lære å lese og skrive" = "To try to learn to read and write"

The distinction is pretty clear in English, so it shouldn't be too hard.


What about pronouncing the "g" in "og" to make the distinction clearer? Is that something people do?


The 'g' in 'og' is silent in most (all?) dialects, and even if it would make things clearer, people don't (rarely) just change their pronunciation to make things easier...

There's also the word 'òg', which does have a pronounced 'g'. 'òg' = 'også', so you'd probably still have a problem with homophones. :)

(Some dialects pronounce 'òg' as 'å', making matters worse...)


It can be pronounced for clarity if the sentence is hard to understand without it, but most of the time it's not pronounced.


In English, you're right. It would be "To try to learn to read and write." The problem is that there seems to be a change happening in English, where people say, "To try and learn to read and write." It should be, as you say, "I am going to try to learn to read and write." Or they will say, "I am going to try and finish this." It's wrong, but unfortunately, people are getting away with it. I think a lot of it has to do with pop culture letting a lot of things slide. I guess schools aren't teaching grammar like they used to do. Thank you for your responses. I would rank the Norwegian moderators at the top of my list for attentiveness and thoroughness.


Can't we write han kommer til å slutte å drikke kaffe?

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