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  5. "You have a quiet voice."

"You have a quiet voice."

Translation:У тебя тихий голос.

November 14, 2015



I wrote "У тебя есть тихий голос", and a note told me to not use есть in certain cases. Could I get a more accurate very square-ish explanation? Thanks :)


You use «есть» when you want to make it clear whether there is something, but omit it if you describe qualities, possessed items and so on. Example:

«У него есть машина» — a simple statement that he indeed has a car.
«У него машина» — means that he has a car, not a boat or bus or I don't know what else.

You normally don't use «есть» when describing people because it sounds like "a quiet voice" is something physical, an item you can put on a shelf.


Спасибо большое)


It seems that technically you are correct. What is the difference between being a native speaker and someone that learns formal language. Just one of those subtle nuances that you have to learn through usage. I made the same mistake and probably will several more times!


Вас not accepted?


I reported it, ditto


Yes, I don't see why 'bac' is marked wrong.


Still not accepted 2 Aug 2018


Why У тебя есть тихий голос was marked as wrong?


The ❤❤❤❤❤❤ program marked тебя wrong


For me it is у вас тихий голос. It will not accept у тебя


I wrote у тебя есть тихий голос and it said it wanted вас. Why the difference?


У вас тихий голос is given as the correct answer in May 2019

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why is it not correct to say твой голос тихий ?


It would be "your voice is quiet".

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That is quite a subtle distinction. Now you have pointed it out, I realise I need to be much more thoughtful about my native English. Thank you.


I also used bac


вас is still not accepted as a right answer for some reason.


I had the same error but I think I know why. "You have a quiet voice" doesn't make sense when you're talking to multiple people (since their voice isn't shared); in that case it would have to be "You have quiet voices", or "У вас тихие голоса" in Russian.


Вы is also the formal "you" - singular, addressed to someone to whom formal deference is owed, like your boss at work.

Perhaps it's a way of showing that you shouldn't be making personal comments to someone your should be treating formally.

Except I can imagine a host of situations where I'd be talking to someone I didn't know and thus would address formally, ask them to speak up because they had a quiet voice.

Abraham Lincoln had a thin, reedy voice which was ill-suited to public speaking in the 19th century. I can't imagine talking to him about how quiet his voice was without using the formal "you".


Why cant I say "У вас тихий голос"? Why does it have to be "теья"? Is there another way to say it formally?


У тебя есть is what I wrote and it was considered wrong! Why, does not have to be у вас necessarily since it is 'you'.


It is totally correct to use у тебя. Report it next time.


I put 'у тебя' instead of 'у вас' and I object to its being marked wrong. I've never had use of familiar or polite form penalized before.


Having been penalized for omitting 'есть' on numerous occasions, I included it this time and that was wrong. I give up! Сдаюсь!


I've just read Norrius's explanation from a few years ago, which I think is pretty clear. If I've understood him well, you use есть to indicate ownership of an object, whereas the sentence without "есть" indicates having a quality or an attribute: У меня есть машина - I have a car (ownership of an object) У меня тихий голос - I have a quiet voice (an attribute of mine, and not an object I own)


As I understood it у вас сёстры would be for informal or plural which in this case it could be both. у тебя есть Would be for formal or singular. I can't find the post I saw that in but I did write it in my тетадь

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