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  5. "Our team is still outside."

"Our team is still outside."

Translation:Наша команда ещё на улице.

November 14, 2015



I wrote: наша команда еще вне Am I correct to assume that вне is correct, but only if it is followed by a description like наша команда еще вне стадиона?


You're right, вне requires a noun in the genitive case


You can say: "Наша команда ещё снаружи".


When can you use уже with the meaning of "still" or did I just make that up?


I wrote, Наша команда еще на дворе. Isn't this correct?


the Russian word двор doesn't really have a decent translation in English, but I guess it would loosely translate as 'courtyard' or 'communal (outdoor) area'. It is typically the outdoor area around which residential buildings are clustered, as a sort of substitute for private gardens. also, i think the preposition is 'во' instead of 'на'. hope this makes sense


in short, it's a specific type of outside place. but then again, this is slightly confusing too, as 'на улице' sounds as though it is also a specific type of outside place, i.e. 'on the street', but seems to be used more generally to mean 'outside'.


I wrote the same.

"На дворе" for "outside" is seen all the time in literature. I don't see why it isn't accepted. Besides your link, here's another, and Smirnitskij's Русско-Английский словарь says, under the first entry for двор, for "на дворe": [вне дома] out of doors . . . outside, and gives several examples.


I wrote, Наша команда еще на дворе. Isn't this correct?


So I'm assuming улице is not улица here because it is in the prepositional case; but I feel like I've seen на улица many times before. Is there a specific reason for this example?


I thought "Still" was всё ещё?

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