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Skype for people wanting to practice their Dutch

Hallo allemaal,

I've noticed this little bandwagon go around for Swedish and I thought, why not? :') I am Anni, a native Dutch speaker who really wants to help people with both learning their Dutch and helping them pronounce words correctly. So if you're interested in Skyping so I can help you, leave a comment and we'll see!

November 14, 2015



My Skype name is annemeikeeh

Please, before sending me a friend request, comment on this discussion! When you send your friend request, say what your username is so I know who you are. If I get a friend request and I don't know who you are, I'll decline, simply because I want to be careful as possible.


ibrahim.m.kamal.89 Das ist mein Skypename :D


I am interested. (Just a heads up, including one's username on Duo is against Duo's regs/policies...I only know because I got chastised by a Mod for this last year when I organized the Danish Skype group). Just to avoid getting chastised again...lol...I will include a message saying I am from Duolingo when I send the contact request.



I am an English student currently living in the Netherlands, yes that would be really cool if you could help me with my Dutch :)


Goedemorgen! I'd be glad to help you out, look at my other comment so you know what to do! :)


I have sent a request via Skype :)


I sent you a request! ^^


this was 11 months ago- I kind of stopped doing this :')


Hey I'd be happy to be able to msg chat in Dutch.. Are you on the Dutch doulingo chat on Slack?


Could you please tell me what that is? Anyways, if you want to add me on Skype, go ahead! :)


Unfortunately I only use Skype at work.. And looks like only the admin can send invites to the chat..

@Charlotte , if you see this... :)


What kind of chat is it though? Is it on another website?


Yeah website/ mobile app


I saw you had to register. Then sorry, but I'd rather not. Thanks for the interest though.


Ok, Geeft niet, hoor :)


I was thinking about it now and then I decided to search and I discovered this topic.

Hi, Olga. Did you find some Slack channel for Dutch beginners?

I am interested on it.

Vriendelijke groeten.


Hallo Anni,

Thank you for this initiative. I think a lot of Dutch learners will be very interested in this, myself included. I've only been learning the language for a month and would to give the little Dutch I know a try. I also look forward to building my confidence in speaking it as well as improving my pronunciation.

Hope to talk to you soon on Skype. :)



I'm happy lots of people are interested in this, I'd love to help you out with your Dutch. I'll speak you soon on Skype then! :)


Hi, I have a 2 pages of text which I need to revise and to check the grammar in them. Would it be possible to do it over skype with you?


Sure, just send me a friend request! :) Though I don't have time to Skype today.


Thanks Anni, I've send you a friend request. Skyping tomorrow or the day after tomorrow is also fine. Looking forward to talking to you! Aleksandra


hoi. my skype name is trickp2

i added you.



I accepted your invitation. I look forward to skyping with you! :)


Hey! I just added you. (I'm pertuos)


Dear Furvus, if some time is left I would appreciate your help. :) Add me on Facebook


Hi I know this discussion is over a year old but I am looking for someone to help me with my Dutch on Skype. Let me know if you are still interested!

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