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  5. "Что вы о ней думаете?"

"Что вы о ней думаете?"

Translation:What do you think about her?

November 14, 2015



"ней" and "нём" are in the prepositional case here, correct? There are the prepositional forms of "она" and "он"?


О can only be followed by prepositional or accusative. (Here is a very handy table of prepositions.)

Dative of он и она is ему и ей, respectively. Here is another superb resource on Russian pronouns.


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Thank god I'm not the only one with this issue ! Months of usage and no one ever mentioned it. I thought my phone was bugged


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A thougt has come to my mind: н- is added to personal pronouns when they are preceded by prepositions; in prepositional case, they are by default "нём, ней" because of being by definition preceded by prepositions...


I tought they were instrumental...


The instrumental case is "им" and "ей"


It is strongly recommended to use ею for instrumental of она


I don't know if it's fair to say "strongly recommended" - while it's certainly acceptable to use -ею as the pronoun or certain adjectival endings, I've always been taught that it's an older form of the instrumental feminine ending and it definitely doesn't seem to be as common as ей.


I was talking about the form of the pronoun, not adjectives, though this also applies to the latter. The problem is, that as ей is also the form of Dative, in certain contexts you won't be able to distinguish the meaning if you use ей for both. For example: Это сказано ей. Does it mean 'It is said to her' or 'It is said by her'? You can't tell. Therefore for the second meaning you should say 'Это сказано ею'


The problem is, that as ей is also the form of Dative, in certain contexts you won't be able to distinguish the meaning if you use ей for both.

It's not that much of a problem, considering that the ambiguity only arises in very specific context which can easily be avoided by rephrasing the sentence. Most of the time there's no confusion, so native speakers habitually use "ей" for the instrumental.


Thank you. I was thinking just the reverse.


Why we use ней instead of её for her


"Ней" is in the prepositional case. "Её" is in the genitive case. You put a word in the prepositional case when it comes after "о".


"Что вы думаете о ней?" Is it right?

Another question: is "она" in prepositional case because of "о"?


Mhh. So "o" (about) can be both pronounced o and a depending on the context? How to differentiate it from "a" (and)? The voice for that word only sounds like o, and in the sentence it sounds like an a.


I always pronounce it like "a" because it is an unstressed connector. You must know о in unstressed position must sound like "a", except for some foreign words.


My guess is that alone о is stressed but in a sentence it's not.


How about "What do you think of her?" as an alternative translation?


The knights who say «ней»


Even though "Что" is the same in the nominative and accusative case, is the case nominative or accusative here?


Accusative. It is the direct object.

[deactivated user]

    How is what the direct object?


    Can we say it ,Что вы думаете о ней ? ...


    Oна красивая женщина!


    Impossible to understand the fast audio


    I totally agree with you!


    Why would this not translate, "What do you think about it?" if ней is used for neuter nouns?


    нём is used for neuter nouns (just like the masculine). ней can be used as a substitute for "it", but only in reference to a previously identified feminine word (for instance, "Я только что читал книгу" - "Что ты думал о ней?".


    Is there a chart for the pronouns in non-nominative cases? The one for "question words" listed them out of order, so these may have been as well; only now I can't find them.


    I needed the same. See here - this site has been my go-to.


    Thanks...I actually had this site bookmarked but a different page. But here's a lingot!


    how to say ней for masculine?


    Literral translation : what you of her think?


    Why is it in prepositional case


    My answer should have been accepted.


    Feb 2021 - the app accepted о неи without pointing out the spelling mistake.


    Why "о ней" is in center of the sentence. Not in the end....


    When что вы думаете and when как вы думаете?


    "Как вы думаете" is a parenthetical phrase. It's doesn't directly relate to the following sentence, and is simply used as an injection. "Как вы думаете, сегодня пойдёт дождь?" - "What do you think, will it rain today?"

    "Что вы думаете" is an integral part of the sentence when you ask about one's thoughts about some subject. It's usually used with prepositions "о" or "про" (both mean "about").

    A good way to distinguish them, is to try and throw it away. If the sentence still makes sense without it ("сегодня пойдёт дождь?" has the same meaning; the only difference is style) then it's "как вы думаете". If without it the sentence falls apart ("о ней?" is meaningless on it's own) then it's "что вы думаете".


    great explanation!

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