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  5. "На столе мыло."

"На столе мыло."

Translation:There is soap on the table.

November 14, 2015



There is a soap on the table?


"a soap" sounds odd to me, unless it's referencing a soap opera. A bar of soap, sure.


If a bedside table is also called a стол - is it?


В целом да - стол. Но вообще это наверно или тумбочка или небольшой столик: плохо себе представляю как выглядит типичный "bedside table"


Спасибо! Возьми Лингот :)


I put "the soap is on the table" and DL marked it wrong because of "the." Is this because "the" emphasizes the soap too much? With "the" added would the Russian translation be different? Like reversing the word order, so that "мыло - на столе" would be correct for "the soap is on the table" ?


Right, that would be "Мыло на столе". The dash is optional here, if I'm not mistaken.


So, "A soap is on THE table" should mean "На столе мыло", right? But it is not accepted...


Because "a soap" is wrong. It's just "soap".


I tried "on a table there is soap" and was marked wrong. Does "На столе" imply "on the table" and not "on a table"?


Yes, I believe it is speaking directly about a certain table, and therefore would be referred to as "the" table.


in Polish soap is "mydło". Very similar to "мыло".


Could на столе мыло also be taken to mean that the table is soapy? Or does it strictly refer to a bar of soap on a table?


I don't think so, but I want to guess that it's

Стол - мылкий

Can someone confirm this?


Thank you. What I'm wanting to understand is if the following:

Человек пролил ведро с мыльной водой, и сказал "на столе сейчас мыло."

Is semantically and syntactically correct and if it carries the same meaning as:

The man spilled the bucket of soapy water and said "There's soap on the table now."


Again, I'm sticking my neck out here, but I'm answering this because I'm also interested in a more authoritative answer. I think

На столе сейчас мыло = There's soap on the table now
Мыло на столе = The soap is on the table (See alimo's answer above)
Стол - мылкий = The table is soapy


You are right!
This is what is on the table? There is soap on the table (in a bottle or a piece).
Where is the soap? The soap is on the table.

Но стол мыльный, вода мыльная, не "мылкие".
I might not be able to explain in English well. But I'll try.
"Мылкий" is what gives a rich foam, easily dissolving in water.


Thank you Rizdvo. So I should have said

Стол мыльный = The table is soapy

Damn, I never get it right :-) Sorry AbrahamLacayo!


@ consultjohan
I'm glad I could help


Стол в мыле


Miloh like minnow. Soap.


what? article is requested in every weird question and here it's wrong...


There are soap on the desk - не принимает. Мыло в русском языке может быть и множественным числом. Жалобу отправил.


"There is soap on the desk" should be accepted—even if plural. "Soap" can be a mass noun, and should still be "is"


I thought столе meant "chair"?


"There is moolah on the table"... didn't work


Why "there is a soap on the table" is wrong?


Soap is a mass noun in English, so "a soap" is wrong.


Ive made a spelling mistake but the app is co. Ppl eltely ignoring them!!


“Na stole milo” is a good answer so accept it or tell me how to write it thanks


I think you want to confuse people because you accept the way I wrote soap on the sentence “ there is no soap on the chair “MILA but you don’t accept there is no soap here “MILO, I’m fallowing the rules but you confuse me.


His voice is awful


To my ear the man pronounces the word мыло rather like "mywa". Is this a case of a dark L being pronounced like a w, a bit like in Polish? I have also noticed he sometimes pronounces a в more like a w, next to back vowels, although the lady doesn't.


Now, I am really getting upset!! Are we learning Russian or English? Even if "a" soap ,might sound odd I do not accept the translation being a mistake. I have submitted this request already several times to the administration but, well, I know: our teacher is a robot! What can we expect?


What can you expect? That an error you have made multiple times will continue to be marked as an error, and that you can either learn from it or not, but it will not suddenly become correct just because you are upset about it.

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