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  5. "Нет-нет, у мамы нет кошек."

"Нет-нет, у мамы нет кошек."

Translation:No, mom does not have cats.

November 14, 2015



Is Нет-нет really used? When would it be used?


It's like "No no no, she has no cats, what on earth you're talking about?" Or: "No, of course she does not have cats, rest assured". Just an emphasis :-)


The way the bot says it is really cute. I wish Duolingo could cast a little girl for these type of sentence pronunciations :D


This sounds wrong


No no, mom doesn't have any cats. Why is this wrong/not accepted?


"Does not have ANY cats" would probably have another word in there


Why cant you say: у мамы нет кошки


Because you need genitive if it's нет instead of есть


This would mean mama doesn't have A cat. Because of the нет, cats has to be in the genitive case. кошки is the genitive of cat, singular. So your sentence means "mom doesn't have a cat". кошек is the genitive of cats, plural.


Why can't you say she doesn't have a cat? I know that кошек is genitive plural, but "she doesn't have a cat" and "she doesn't have cats" mean essentially the same thing (unless this sentence means she could have one cat, but not many "cats" but I took it to mean she doesn't have a/any cats). I think both should be accepted when translating to English.


I would say learning the gen. plural of "cat" is the main idea behind this sentence. Besides maybe in Russian this sentence makes total sense. I know at least translating it literaly to Spanish does.


Interestingly, in russian "у неё нет кота" has the meaning of "she does not have THE cat", at least to some extent


What's the nominative cats?


Also Коты for singular кот.

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